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Mixed engagement list - skirmish (999)

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Mixed engagement list - skirmish (999)

PostTue Oct 24, 2017 11:55 am

So, I have a battle this afternoon. It's only my third game, so I'm still learning the ropes. I wanted to see if my judgement was more or less sound, in regards to list building and such.

For starters, a bit of analysis: Mixed engagement includes one stations with a BTL near each deployment area that only scores as a critical location, and two large clusters near the middle of the table, one per approach. It has the usual amount of debris and uses distant approach, which means larger battlegroups will arrive in turns 2-3.

Sooo - I understand it would be advantageous to get to the station ASAP to secure the BTL early. Groups are tight, so early groups should include the dropships to get a good chance at getting to secure the location.

For now, this is my list:

PHR - 6 launch assets

SR12 Vanguard battlegroup (264pts)
1 x Bellerophon - 180pts - H
+ Vice Director (40pts, 3AV)
2 x Andromeda - 84pts - L

Main offensive assets. Not completely sure about the andromedas, but I prefer 6 launchs to be able to overwhelm the target. Second turn hurts them a bit because PHR flying assets are a bit on the slow side, but at least they'll be able to react to the flow. The worst part is not getting the Vice Director on the field until turn 2, though.

SR8 Line battlegroup (255pts)
1 x Ganymede - 135pts - M
3 x Europa - 120pts - L

An orpheus would have been better, probably, but when I assembled my ships I went for the Ganymede because I thought it would be more flexible. I have some cruiser sprues left, but had no time to mount an Orpheus yet. On the other side, given that I'll be heading for the station first I think that its bombardment will be useful once the ship switches course towards the clusters.
Overall, low strategy rating to come up first turn. The europas double duty as escort and late game sweepers

SR13 Line battlegroup (268pts)
2 x Theseus - 178pts - M
3 x Echo - 90pts - L

The main anti-frigate/corvette squad. Coming in the second round shouldn't be a big issue, they are fast enough that they can go quickly into the fray, and that way I can support the flank that needs it the most. The large SR is a bit of a pity. I would have preferred to keep both theseus in separate groups, but if I'm understanding things right they have to go together due to the 1-2 group size, amirite?

SR4 Pathfinder battlegroup (178pts)
2 x Medea - 78pts - L
2 x Pandora - 100pts - L

My previous experience was good, they work really well with a double tap strategy, which both the pandora as lighting devices and the medeas enjoy.

So - is there something I'm not addressing? what would you change?

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