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Auckland - New Zealand - Checking In

Introduce yourselves here!
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Auckland - New Zealand - Checking In

PostTue Sep 19, 2017 2:18 am

Hey there Hawk fans!

If any of you are Flames of War from back in the day or current Infinity players (or Warhammer 40K players from really REALLY back in the day) then you may recognise this forum handle and, yes, it is the same geeky guy behind it.

I've recently gotten into Dropfleet, picking up Scourge because it didn't seem popular locally (and I like to pick that faction nobody is playing), the buzz around the faction "strength" wasn't great (and I love to play the faction which needs work to work) and it seemed like glorious fun to play such pure "bad guys".

I mostly like the look of the Scourge ships, but have messed with things a little (especially the Heavy Cruisers and Battlecruiser) to suit the aggressive look I was going for:



I've had a few games, mostly at 600pts (which seemed a good "starter box" kind of level) but also now at 1250 (which is an interesting challenge to balance). I know a couple of other players who are running UCM and PHR/Shaltari (and I already hate the Cheatari and their Shalnanigans :-P ).

So if there are any other Kiwi players out there, especially any in Auckland then give me a shout and we can link up for a game! Hobbymaster in Ellerslie is my FLGS, and while they don't stock Hawk (yet... ;-) ) they do have plenty of space to play if you are keen.

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Re: Auckland - New Zealand - Checking In

PostThu Apr 12, 2018 11:23 am

Hi There!

Welcome on board!
I like the models!
For player's please checkout the FB groups.
As this forum will be transferred very soon.

Cheers, Michel
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