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New to Scourge

Invade and corrupt everything in your path
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New to Scourge

PostTue Apr 10, 2018 11:18 pm

Hey! i recently picked up the battle fleet box and made a list looking for some constructive feed back!

Some of the logic behind it is the D jinn are a low SR rating kill squad, hopefully getting the first strike most of the time.
The hydra plus chimera squad stay in the middle of the formation sending out fighters and bombers as needed and the chimera moves up the board to drop on turn 4 and 6 (hopefully).

Akuma and the strix are my kill squads taking out key components of the enemy team.

And the nickars defend the gargoyles from being harassed.

Battlefleet scourge - 1176pts
Scourge - 10 launch assets

SR10 Vanguard battlegroup (205pts)
1 x Akuma - 205pts - H
   + Fleet Master (40pts, 4AV)

SR10 Line battlegroup (180pts)
2 x Strix - 180pts - M

SR15 Line battlegroup (385pts)
1 x Chimera - 105pts - M
1 x Hydra - 140pts - M
1 x Hydra - 140pts - M

SR7 Pathfinder battlegroup (194pts)
2 x Gargoyle - 64pts - L
2 x Gargoyle - 64pts - L
3 x Nickar - 66pts - L

SR4 Pathfinder battlegroup (172pts)
4 x Djinn - 172pts - L


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Re: New to Scourge

PostWed Apr 11, 2018 6:06 pm

I've never played Scourge or played against them but with any Troopship you should probably be looking to Drop in Turn 2 and then every turn afterwards - you'll almost certainly get shot down before Turn 4, especially if you've not yet dropped by then because your foe will know he can almost guarantee a Ground Win.


Turn 1: Max Thrust / Drop to Low
Turn 2: Standard Orders / Land 3 Infantry and a Defence Battery in a Sector (pref Military); or just 6 Inf.
Turn 3: consider moving towards another Cluster, if you think you can get within range so that ...
Turn 4: Repeat Step 2 but at a new Cluster.

If your single Troopship is alive in Turns 5 and 6 you doing well, and can repeat steps 3-4 :)

But you might just find you need to sit near one Cluster and FLOOD it with troops while hovering over the Critical Location :)


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Re: New to Scourge

PostThu Apr 12, 2018 3:43 pm

Actually, Scourge troopships are the fastest out there, which makes them a little different to other, more lumbering troopships.

Personally I like to bring mine in on SR at the end of turn 3 along with 3 Charabdis and then at the end of turn 4 smash 6 infantry tokens down to take a cluster and bombard the shit out of something else to really tip the ground game in my favour.
If your aggressive combat ships are doing their jobs right the enemy should be too busy fending them off to worry too much about the troop ship/ bombardment group lingering in high orbit, in SR, 16-18" away from the hotly contested clusters.

This list needs more Gargoyles though. I'd advise around 8. I also prefer Djinn ( Cheaper for a start) or Yokai (Which are a better light cruiser imo) to Strix.


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Re: New to Scourge

PostThu Apr 12, 2018 10:44 pm

sweet thanks, don’t really have access to 8 gargoyles but if I pick up a frigate box I can.

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