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IDEA Launch Assets in the Main Turn, not in the RoundUp

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IDEA Launch Assets in the Main Turn, not in the RoundUp

PostFri Jun 08, 2018 3:14 pm

For all of you, which are not on FACE BOOK! :D 8-)

Second Try on my idea, cleand up and hopfully better understanding for all of you!

thx for your inputs, it helped a lot to clean up my idea

A PDF in better Layout: ... n.pdf?dl=0

0. Intention

It is hard to keep Track of your actions, if you need to think about your ships again later in the same Round. The Roundup itself takes to much time and generates a sub-round by itself.
I try to reduce the Game and focus more on the Main Action of the Battlegroups during the Main Round.
The Round Up stays a valid part and can concentrate on cleaning up the battlefield as well manage the ground, station and repair actions.
An this way Bombers can attack Strike Carriers in T1/2 at big Range, for example this opens up many new tactics! And i think this would resolve the Torpedo issues aswell.

Fluff intention:
A Warship is prepared to Battle before its on the Battlefield, so Fighter pilots are already in the Tube to start instantly into the Fight, i dont see a delay in those Offensive Tools. Beside this, I can good imagine fast reaction of Fighters against incoming Bombers, or as well Point Defences which get extra energy, overload or other tools to react early against incoming treats.

Tracking of the Assets:
I think its much easier to track your actions by ships that only have one activation, rather than two.
The Launch Token is placed back to the Homecarrier model, to track if its already used. All Launch Asset Tokens are Removed in the Round Up Phase, used and unused Tokens. Small issues occure if you guard your Homecarrier with Fighter Tokens, but i think this is minor case.
For Ground Tokens its even easier, the Carrier launches Troops and finishs his Turn, the Tokens Stay ingame at the Sector, no additional tracking is needed!

1. Main Changes

- all launch assets are used at the end of the Carrier Ships activation

- all launch asset which traveld twice their trust, effects are resolved at the end of all active battle groups
(example 1. BG of player A and B finished the activation of all ships)

- all launch asset which traveld their normal trust, effects are resolved at the end of the Carrier Ships activation

2. adittional modifications, to blanace and solve problems accouring with this changes

- torpedoes gain a to hit penalty of -2 if they travel twice their trust
(example torpedoe at 9" hits on 2+, torpedoe at 18" hits on 4+)

- ships which get target of a bomberrun, get a bonus on PD to hit of +1, if the incoming bombers travel twice their trust
(example bomber attacks a ship 12" away, ship PD hits on 5+, bomber attacks a ship 24" away ship PD hits on 4+)

- bomberwings, bomber can delay their bombrun until the end of the activation of any other frindly battlegroup to coordinate attacks with other frindly bombers

- NEW fighters can be used instantly for a interceptorrun to counter a bomberrun at a frindly target. This can be done by all frindly Carries which are in range (aswell in twice the range) and did not yet use all his fighter tokens this turn. a fighter token can only be used once a turn. this is a copy of the rule in Dropzonecommander, like the reactionfire against fast mover

- NEW (additional thougths) fighter tokens can be send to enemy targets like bombers to reduce the PD vaule of this ship once, the reversed variant of fighters which give a bonus to PD of frindly ships. this replaces the rules which is now in the book!
(example a ucm fighter is set at a frindly ucm ship, later the token gets used once and gives +3 PD dice for one use, a phr fighter is set at a enemy ucm ship, later the token gets used once and gives -4 PD dice for one use. This can set PD to value 0, so a ship can not use PD against a CAW attack.)

- Manoeuvre "curse change, or max trust" against bomberruns or torpedoes, new aswell against fighters can be performed as reaction instantly, if the ship was not yet activated. in additon shaltari could bring up shilds the same way. The ship can not move twice a turn, so at the regular activation the ship only can use his shooting/launching ability if the bevore performed move allowes this.

- ground assets are placed/launched at the end of the BGs activation as described above at normal travel distanz

- NEW (additonal thougths) Voidgates/Defens Batteries can only shoot once at Dropships/Bulklander a Turn, to balance this 2x Batterie Tokens are dropped each Bulklander, so a Troopship could dropp 4x Batteries a Turn! Additonal Batteries can shoot at incoming Ground Assets directly after Deployed into a sector.
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