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PHR Battle Force Ajax vs. Resistance Seahawks with pics

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PHR Battle Force Ajax vs. Resistance Seahawks with pics

PostSat Nov 24, 2018 6:10 pm

Game Set Up.
This was the first opportunity to pull out the two largest forces in my collection and go head to head. We played with everything that I had painted. We ignored the points structure, which technically gave the Seahawks a 216 point advantage. But since I left my Hannibals' and their Lifthawk at home (idiot) by accident it lowered the discrepancy a bit. Dave, my opponent, shares my attitude about point systems anyway. He played the PHR at 1889 points and I played the Resistance, (my favorite).
I set up the table, (playing at Game Theory in Raleigh NC usa). I handed him a bunch of objective markers and Intel markers and he placed them where he wanted them. We would play till we got tired and didn't assign a turn length.
We Start
Turn One we both moved on the table. At the end of the second turn, Dave said he forgot to only move a half move on to the table, on turn one. The upshot was that he got his troops into the buildings quicker. I have an unspoken rule in my games. Mistake are made, but there's no going back. Dave will know not to do that the next time we play. Guilt is a wonderful teacher. ;) We moved onto to turn three.
This is when I informed Dave that my own objective for the game was to see how long it took to bring down a building. It was classed as a small building with 10 damage points. It took me 5 turns.
PHR Type 2 (2).JPG
PHR Type 2 (2).JPG (158.14 KiB) Viewed 670 times

The Mark 2's above as seen from a fast mover early on in the battle. Battlegroup Odin on the ground dropped from a Poseidon. Each is color coded so the players can tell what's what on their spread sheet and whats on the table. Dave was cautious in the early turns as evidence by the heavies cowering behind a building. The Immortals above are Gamma Squad dropped in by a Triton, part of Battlegroup Phalanx. Off to the left you can see a Neptune from Battlegroup Ares has dropped the Phobos into the storm. Just beside him is the CO in a Zeus in Red. I've labeled the command group Battlegroup Zeus.
Leviathan.JPG (183.37 KiB) Viewed 670 times

Above pic. In the lower left my drill has surfaced and my ATVs and Freeriders have bolted above ground. The building at the extreme left I've chosen to try and bring down for the game. There's an objective in the building and you can't see them, but Dave put a squad of Immortals in the building to search to seize it. This building became the focal point of the battle.
My Zhukovs have deployed and their bird has sought cover off pic.
My two Cyclones, (love the choppers) lobbed their Hornets into the building. The Leviathan is trundling up the street, not ready to delploy it's payload yet. Lower right you can just make out the Rocket armed Thunder Wagons, setting up to chuck a rocket at the designated building.
burning building.JPG
burning building.JPG (152.96 KiB) Viewed 670 times

We're deep into the game now. My Alexander has deployed, having in the previous turn just being missed by one of Dave's surly Odin's. The building in the distance, that I"ve been trying to bring down all game has taken several hits. My attack ATV's have gotten their Chem grenades inside, combined with the falling rubble the squad is taking casualties.
My infantry has not been dawdling. On the right troops are searching for an objective. In another part of the table, my veterans in their trusty battlebus's have been feverishly searching for more objectives.
Bottom center my Krakens are trying to scuttle across the boulevard. The rocket technicals would be wiped out before they could bring their weapons to bear. You can just make out Dave's Fast Movers on the horizon. He rolled terribly in several early turns and wasn't able to bring Battlegroup Athena on till very late in the battle.
Bikes.JPG (165.23 KiB) Viewed 670 times

The battle around the building. The structure has taken 5 hits. The black dice is representing the chemical grenade attack. The tiny red dice is a marker for dead infantry. The big red dice is indicating the number of turns Dave has been searching the building under trying circumstance. Turn 5 the building came down, but my bikes weren't out of the way. I lost 3 of 4 ATV stands and 2 of 4 Freeriders stands. Grave tactical error. And I didn't get get the Immortal infantry either. Dave played a card and they found the connecting subway under the building and moved one building over, so they escaped destruction.
End of Game
I lost both my choppers, a squad of Veterans and their bus. Lost a lot of bikes and a Kraken. My Hellhog got on early and was shot down in a hail of AA fire early. Dave's main armored force went unscathed. But I was able to knock out his infantry transports. He didn't get any objectives off table. I got 3 off and 1 intel chip.
We were rusty on the rules, but there wasn't too much searching the Sacred Text for answers. Having made color coded spread sheets with all the data on one page was very helpful. I've another chart on the back side with tactical definitions (focus, strafe, etc) and a brief note to keep us out of the rule book during play as well.
Learned that bringing down a building might not be worth the effort unless their are very few objectives.
The evasion counter measures for my bikes is an awesome capability. Dave was dismayed at E+3 value on the Free Riders. His relative immobility compared to my ability of my lighter faster forces made for an interesting contrast.
I told him the newer PHR stuff is much more mobile with their skimmers and strike walkers. Until next time...

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