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Turnament-Rues upgrade

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Re: Turnament-Rues upgrade

PostFri Nov 24, 2017 8:58 pm

wundergoat wrote:The problem with that line of reasoning is that it assumes that tournaments are wholly competitive affairs, when really they are community play events. I feel like a deathclock is pointless since it will be a non-factor on the top tables and overly punishing to newbies and casuals on the lower tables.

Tournaments are, by definition, a competitive thing ;)
If you meet with other people to find the best player in a certain setup it is competition. I never understood how a tournament would/should not competitive, especially as there are a lot other options for running community events that are not on the competitive side at all.

I think deathclocks work quite nice in several games and making hard decisions in smaller amounts of time than your opponent is a skill and also can decide top tables - it happens frequenlty in other games such as GB or Warma/Hordes.
I also don't see why it punishes Casuals on the lower tables, if both players are slow and making bad decisions one can still get the upper hand by playing at least faster or making better decisions... yes better players will still run over a newbie but that happens no matter if there is a deathclock or not. If anything, not using a deathclock punishes better players potentially because they are not able to finish a game in time, loosing points, without their fault when playing against slow opponents. Imho this should not happen in tournaments as it is about competition and not about getting newbies into the game... e.g. exactly that happened to a friend of mine recently.
Nobody forces anyone to play tournaments and I honestly do not think that tournaments are a good way to get newbies/casuals into a game as they most likely will have a bad experience anyway. If I'd like to run a community event including casuals and newbies I'd always choose a campaign or narrative format over a tournament or league.
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Re: Turnament-Rues upgrade

PostMon Nov 27, 2017 9:34 pm

Hrmmm... That's off topic

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