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OPEN BETA feedback tread!

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Re: OPEN BETA feedback tread!

PostWed May 09, 2018 4:27 pm

stormbringer wrote: The "weapons free" athena does seem more plausible when compared to double warspears- but NOT (IMHO) scourge corsairs which are more brittle, give up kill points way easier and even 3 are under gunned when compared to the Athena- but perhaps the corsair squad could stand to be a touch cheaper instead? (And I definitely think a squad of corsairs giving up 510 kill points is way over the top!)

Agree on the Killpoints angle - I think the Athena giving off 300 is a touch excessive as well, which is why I am really not sure Attack Runs are worth it any more...especially now DNS etc means you can no longer scrimp on points for your protective AA. That said, as they are 3 separate units, and reaction firing fast movers is now +3 - Most things will need 6+ to hit and have to split there shots to target the full unit, so I don't think its likely that your opponent will manage to take out a squad unless you do a slow 2 turn run...(Which is a risk for any fast movers now).

Corsairs are under gunned in AA terms, but they have been improved to an extent, and they have a different role to Athena's / Warspears which are multi role fighters while Corsairs are more specialised for a single role.

Take interceptions:
2 Warspears - 8 E7 Shots hitting on 6's (against most fighters 3's to damage / 5 to double)
1 Athena - 6 E7 Shots hitting on 6's (against most fighters 3's to damage / 5 to double)
3 Corsairs (intercepting within 6) - 3 E11 shots hitting on 5's with whites of their eyes rule (against most fighters 2's to damage / 4 to double)

The odds are actually slightly on the Corsairs side.

3 Corsairs can do 12DP damage to a building on a pass (3 shots on 2's, 4+ to double), and a pretty good chance to do collateral damage to anything inside). Which is better than an Athena can manage, and far better than a warspear. (And now also have the airburst rule for Anti Infantry)

Ground attack:
3 Corsairs can target upto 3 separate ground targets with E11 (4+ to hit)
1 Athena can target 1 ground unit with E12 (2+) to hit
2 Warspears can target upto two separate ground targets with E10 (2+ to hit)

- Again it comes out pretty equal in chances, but I give the edge to the corsairs due to the ability to hit more targets and the fact that they can do (potentially) upto 6DP to a single target, compared to 4 for the Warspears and 2 for the Athena.

Its only really Dropship hunting where the corsair suffers against the Warspear / Athena - purely because they both have more weight of fire and the targets are normally lightly armoured so the E11 isn't such an advantage. The main difference is that the Warspear and Athena are potentially better at doing both things in a single turn I suppose, where the corsairs are more limited - but they are cheaper and individually worth less killpoints...

Either way - as above, I'm not sold on attack runs being worth it under the new rules, its a lot of risk for a potentially inconsistent reward....(imo)

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