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Dropzone, Dropfleet, and their future potential.

Tell the world your Dropzone related trials and tribulations!
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Hawk Talon

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Re: Dropzone, Dropfleet, and their future potential.

PostThu Nov 22, 2018 8:42 pm

I fear they still have their facebook only policy, so as much as I hate to say it if you want to tell TT-Combat go to facebook it´s the only chance they might get wind of it.

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Re: Dropzone, Dropfleet, and their future potential.

PostFri Nov 23, 2018 3:13 pm

BwanaJoe wrote:Hate to be a wet blanket but this is said in the hope that TT may stumble upon it. The game is dead here in the States. End of story. No one plays and most people have no idea what it is. No one carries it in stores and TT refuses to have a distributor any of the online guys deal with. Hard to grow a game when people have to order out of the UK and pay the postage on top of full MSRP. Once Hawk folded so did the game and the goodwill here. TT will need to start from scratch on this side of the pond. Personally I don’t think they care much about NA business at this time. Couple this wih a horrible website that does nothing to explain the game universe or game play and you have a whole lot of “not good”.

Bummed out as I’ll probably just end up dumping the DZC stuff on Fleabay and taking a bath on it. :evil:

I agree it'll likely have to start from scratch. I think they were hoping to use the DZC/DFC line to break into the US market for their other games and, well. Maybe if they relaunch with 2.0 they'll have a shot.

As for distributors, I blame E-Figures. They were never good about carrying the line even back in Hawk days, and when TT took over they took a year to update to the new TTCombat codes, then didn't reorder and hid the pages a couple of months later (they're still up if you google "e-figures Dropzone" but they're not listed at all in the menu to the left).

There are some online retailers carrying it in the US but they're sparse.

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