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experimental terrain in a game with pics

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experimental terrain in a game with pics

PostSat Dec 29, 2018 9:53 pm

I've imagined that my forces would be engaged in their battles along a semi tropical coast line on a front that is never mentioned in any of the codex's. To this end, powerful orbital weaponry could lay waste to a city and the surrounding environment. Coastal cities could be inundated by sea water from alien weapons generating tidal waves, unusual vulcanization, or ionizing the atmosphere to cause torrential storms.
dzc island 1.JPG
dzc island 1.JPG (155.45 KiB) Viewed 1524 times

I set up a solo play test with a PHR force vs. Resistance. It was more of study than a game really. I left buildings standing on islands with one or two having no island at all. None of this really affects the way fire works or seizing objectives.
It quickly became apparent that the problems cropped up during movement and deployment.
First, depth of water needs to be determined. Can an infantry unit wade in the water? If they can, then surely it would reduce their movement. But since they're already slow this would bog the movement down.
Vehicles- if infantry can wade, can a Jackson still move in the water?
Deep water - so it's too deep for infantry, is it too deep for the various walkers of the PHR? Assuming the average walker stands twenty feet tall, it should be able to handle the water, say up to about 5ft. But that's probably pushing it. The drag from the water would be heller and slow its manuever down as well.
Resistance hovercraft are built for this kind of environment, but what would the affect be on Scourge skimmers, if any at all?
Line of sight and height difference between land and beach could become an issue. So would think the beach area would be treated as a depression. Would there be a penalty for rigs of any kind crossing the threshold between land and sea? Coastlines would need to be defined before the game began, as cliff-like or beach-ish.
Crash landing rules get a little tricky too, when I started thinking about it. Infantry that survived might have to stay with the wreckage and unable to move, imagining the PBI clinging to the top of the hull. By rule, no other drop ship is allowed to take these guys aboard, (which I've always thought absurd, their being no such thing as rescue in DZC.) They should be removed from play. I guess that's asked and answered. :|
With dry land at a premium, it becomes a close in fight if both forces are on the same island going for an OBJ. The terrain needs to be able to accommodate a building and the ground forces able to move around it keeping their feet dry so they can engage each other. But a building could be placed on a narrow stretch so that only the infantry are fighting it out in a building while their transport drivers wait quietly smoking cigarettes unable to engage cause they can't bring their rigs to bear on the opponent.
You'll note in the first pic rocks sticking out of the water. They block LOS, but would some player try to land on one? Or would a malevolent player place an OBJ or focal point marker on one before the game? Yikes.
In closing, none of the issues written about can't be overcome. My intent was to add another dimension to the terrain and point out some of the obstacles you would encounter. I believe a table set in this manner would be fun and challenging to play on. Two experienced players, knowing the capabilities of their forces, would be best suited to come up with some agreed upon home rules before the game started.
dzc island 2.JPG
dzc island 2.JPG (168.51 KiB) Viewed 1524 times

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