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Fixed heights for measurements and keeping track of stuff

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Fixed heights for measurements and keeping track of stuff

PostThu Feb 16, 2017 8:14 am

From which height I should measure distances and check LoS ?
The actual height of the model? Rules says that for flying unit I have to use two fixed heights (2" or 6", if I remember correctly).

Also, currently just reading the rules, so in practice everything could flow better than it could seems by just reading rules, but... how do you people keep track of stuff in games? i.e. AA units that have already shot (so can't shoot again during their activation), or that have shot during their activation so can't make "opportunity" fire later in the turn. Or that have moved more than allowed for their AA weapon to shoot (again, to prevent AA to shoot by opportunity later in the turn). Also, CQB seems a somewhat complicated, but maybe after my first game everything will fit to place.


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Re: Fixed heights for measurements and keeping track of stuf

PostThu Feb 16, 2017 10:08 am

There is no 3D measuring in DZC all measuring is done in 2D the heights are relevant for LoS only.
For the AA usually there is not enough to make it difficult if you mind it use markers.
CQB is complicated at first as it is able to cover fights between 4 opposing players, though in practice it is usually simply have you tried the search function I am sure there are some topics that explain it in great detail.

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