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New Unit: Shaltari Atlatl

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New Unit: Shaltari Atlatl

PostTue Feb 21, 2017 6:09 pm

Atlatls appear to be hyperlight skimmers, but are actually a form of warsuit. These vehicles combine a small armored compartment for the Shaltari pilot, a flame equipped with powerful gravity generators similar to those mounted on a Shaltari grav-tank, and a twin gauss carbine system capable of firing solid slugs at sublight speeds. Atlatl pilots also wield the same oversized energy glaives as the slower-moving Samurai.

A 3; Mv 12''; CM A*/P6+/E +2; DP 1; Pts TBD; Type Vehicle; Category Scout; S + C 3 - 6, Standard; Special Mass 0.5/F0.5

* Twin Gauss Carbines - E 9; Sh 2; Acc 2+; R(F) inf; R(C) 12''; MF 12''; Arc F/S/R; Special SC
* Energy Blade - E 10; Sh 1; Acc 2+; R(F) CC; R(C) CC; MF: 12''; Arc F/S/R

* Special Rule - Hyperlight Skimmer: These active countermeasures only take effect against weapons E6 or less.

Special Rule - Gravity Pulse Drive: This unit may move over units/terrain less than 6'' tall. It does not count as an aircraft when doing so. Furthermore, gates do not need to land when atlatls materialize/dematerialize.

Special Rule - Ride-By Attack: When this unit moves over another unit or structure, it can make a ride-by attack with its energy blades. These attacks are at +2 Acc. Every unit whose flight path intercepts the target can make attack that target. Each model can only make one ride-by attack, even if its path takes it over multiple units.

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