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Fast movers

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Fast movers

PostTue Nov 13, 2012 8:42 am

After reading the rules a few times i have a few question about fast movers, but on a side note I will just say that even do I have not played a game yet I really think that dropzone commander looks and feels really great.

Well back to questions.

1. Most armies can only have a single battlegroup of fast movers, which includes both normal fast movers and interceptors.
When the battlegroup is activateted do you have to move/use all the fast movers ind the battlegroup.
My though is can I just make a attack run with a single fast mover, and keep the second one back in case that I want to intercept later in the game?

2. If a fastmover want to make a attack, and it is "on the deck" how many times do you need to test if the pilot can keep control of the fast movers. I would think only ones since it can´t change is run when it starts on it. But I am not sure.

3. If a fast mover want to make a attackrun "on the deck" a fails the roll and the aircraft is destroyed, where does the fast movers crash? i would think of the table but i am not sure.

4. If a fast movers makes it attack run "on the deck", does interceptors have to make the interceptor run "on the deck" to?
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Re: Fast movers

PostTue Nov 13, 2012 9:46 am

I can answer 1 for you, will have to look up the rest.

1. on p.19 it states in the NB section that you can choose not to activate an in Readiness squad in which case it remains in readiness until its next activation. This means that you can activate your Fleet battlegroup, use 1 of the squads to make an attack run, and leave another squad in Readiness to intercept.


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Re: Fast movers

PostTue Nov 13, 2012 11:40 am

Well, Rat's already answered 1, so I'll cover the others.

2 - The rules aren't entirely clear on this. You need to check when you change To The Deck and then whenever you move, so as written I'd say that it'd be twice per run - once to change to low altitude then again to make the run.

3 - As you're destroyed instantly, I'd say as a rule of thumb they'd crash and burn off the table. Alternatively it'd be at the point that they enter the table, but I see them starting the run much further off myself.

4 - No, but you'd have to bear in mind the effect of the differing altitudes on LoS, fire arcs and range. Usually not too much of a problem mind!


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Re: Fast movers

PostTue Nov 13, 2012 7:34 pm

Ok. Its is close to my own thoughts, but if the answer for question 2 is correct it would be one roll when starting the attackrun and then another roll at the end of the attackrun right?

Then if you link it with question 3 if any of the 2 rolls fails then it should count as happening of the table right?

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