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Fast roping

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Re: Fast roping

PostWed Mar 08, 2017 11:33 am

Egge wrote:Embarking is not mentioned in their rules. So no ropes for that.

this topic is a old one i know... well did we get a clearenc about this in the Errata or FAQ? i didnt see it!

now at 2014 .... :lol: i asked about embarking because!

Fast Roping does not count for embarking, only for disembarking right! ok

now (baeh my W is broken at the keyboard... ) it tells that the Raven does not need to land the Preatorians, so they can deploy directly from the hovering Raven right! thats Fluff

well for embarking the Raven needs to land on the Roof, right. Thats my thoughts about it!

for embarking you need half MV because of the Raven, for disembarking at least the raven can go full MV and well the Preatorians dont move anyway, because of the special rule....

well well i think its long ago solved, maybe someone can point me at this! thx :D
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