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Command over multiple detachments.

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Command over multiple detachments.

PostSat Jun 25, 2016 1:52 am

So lets say I have a 3250pt game, separated into a 2100pt battle and a 1150 clash.

I have two command units that *must* be taken, and I so choose to put a commander in each of them.

My reading of the rules seems to imply that the higher level commanders value would be used for all purposes- including say, scout units of the lower commanders detachment. Why? Because all the rules seem to reference the phrase 'on the table'.

Just looking for confirmation or denial here I guess.


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Re: Command over multiple detachments.

PostSat Jun 25, 2016 6:17 am

The way I understand it you use the highest tabled command value for all.
You can also measure your commanders influence radius from any scout vehicle in the combined army.
A split table would change this though, as the commander of one army could only count for presence one table at a time, thus making an interesting environment for developing interesting house rules regarding flying commanders between battle zones and even excempllifiyng the importance of having two commanders in an army.

Have fun experimenting!

Firebat out. :mrgreen:

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