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Warlog 2015

Tell the world how you trashed your enemies on the battlefield, or how you tactically withdrew to fight another day!
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Warlog 2015

PostMon Aug 03, 2015 4:16 pm

Hey everyone,

So on one of the other game company sites I frequent there's a running community event that people participate in called "The War log". What it is, is a community run tracking of games played for a sort of "Progress of the War" that keeps track of how each faction is doing (wins/losses/points) and gives a narrative to the game universe.

It's a great way for people to feel like they're participating in a living world (so actually getting wins for your chosen faction and having them tracked) and a great way to get an idea of how each faction is doing in terms of overall performance.

So by participating we can get a feeling if the Shaltari or the Resistance are really doing better than everyone else (for example) or if it's really just the perception of a few groups versus the norm. You can also get a cool feeling of being a part of the War of the Reconquest. A quarterly update could be written like a news report: "And now for an update from the front lines. Intense fighting occurred this month on the outer colonies with the UCM pushing back several of the Scourge war hosts with the aid of local Resistance fighters. In other news a large Shaltari War host has rampaged across Proxima three and several conflicts were reported between their forces and those of the mysteries so-called Post Human Republic. The PHR were bloodied in several battle against the alien war hosts and took out their frustrations in several brutal conflicts with our brave boys and girls of the fighting UCM."

So my question for the Hawk Community is: Is there any interest in this here?

All that's necessary to make it work is that people post short summaries of the games they play (you don't need any sort of elaborate battle reports). Basically continue to game and enjoy yourself as always. A community sucke...erm..."volunteer" has to update the war log (either monthly or weekly depending on how often people post games) so that people can get a feeling for how their faction is doing.

Posts take the form of this:

Players: name/name
Points Value: X
Factions: name/name
Final Score: X/X

So if I take my last three games for example it would be:

Players: Zaknafn/Klarg1
Points Value: 1500
Scenario: "Secure the Flanks"
Factions: PHR/Shaltari
Final Score: 3/7

Players: MarjorMcNicol/Zaknafn
Points Value: 850
Scenario: "Recon"
Factions: Resistance/PHR
Final Score: 2/2

Players: Zaknafn/Klarg1
Points Value: 1500
Scenario: "Targets of Opportunity"
Factions: PHR/Shaltari
Final Score: 6/3

Any and all game sizes are welcome.

At the end of each week/month I will post up a summary of where the log stands

(I might make it more graphical and pretty but for now)

Faction - Games played - Total Game Points - Average Game Points
Shaltari - 20 - 108 - 5.4
Resistance - 18 - 89 - 4.94
Scourge - 21 - 85 - 4.04
UCM - 25 - 96 - 3.84
PHR - 23 - 87 - 3.78

Any interest from the community? I've found it a fun way to track how your armies are doing and really get a feeling for the game. Plus it helps create that cinematic feeling to the universe.

Just figured I'd throw it out here...if it's The kind of thing that would be of use I'm willing to give a little aid in running it. If not then you all may continue your regularly scheduled games :).


Ps - credit for this idea goes to a player named Zelord from the Firestorm Armada message boards. Thanks to him and his great community service there.
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Re: Warlog 2015

PostMon Aug 03, 2015 4:30 pm

Sounds a great idea, would be good to put a story to it.

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