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1000 Skirmish PHR v Scourge

Tell the world how you trashed your enemies on the battlefield, or how you tactically withdrew to fight another day!
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1000 Skirmish PHR v Scourge

PostSun Sep 11, 2016 12:35 pm

Ran a game with a mate, to try and showcase it to someone. Alas I think the dice and bad luck on behalf of my opponent didn't showcase the game that well. We avoided commanders and stuck with starter sets and a few other models, nothing too complex.

Standard Army
Skirmish: 988/1000 points
Standard Army
PHR Standard Roster [988/1000 pts]
Battle Pantheon [480 pts]
Battle Squad: 2x Ares, 2x Phobos, Njord [320 pts]
Helios Squad: 2x Helios, Neptune [160 pts]
Immortals [224 pts]
Immortals: 2x Immortals, Neptune, 2x Juno A1 [152 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Immortals: 2x Immortals [72 pts]
Immortals [114 pts]
Immortals: 2x Immortals, Triton A1(+Stealth Missiles, +Miniguns) [114 pts]
Heavy Pantheon [170 pts]
Heavy Squad: 2x Enyo, Neptune [170 pts]

Don't know the full list for my opponents scourge but I think it was:-

Eviscerators in intruder alpha
Prowlers (6) in intruder beta (with the APC, Maruader and two squads of basic infantry)
Reapers in marauder and minders (4) in intruder betas
Hunters in marauder

At the beginning I was bricking it due to his infantry being much, much more dangerous than mine, especialy with the corruptor.

Game was objective searching, three in the middle in two large buildings (left and right) and one medium in the middle The board had been set up by my opponents daughter prior to the game, and quite well despite her age.

Turn 1
A lot of movement going towards the middle objectives. on my side the enyos deployed half towards the large building on the left, to start demoing, evrything else up the middle without disembarking, and the helios disembarked towards the right building.

On the scourge side, eviscerators and reapers went to the left.

Minders and reapers to the middle building and deployed with the corruptor as well

Prowlers and troops and hunters went to the right, hunters deployed

Turn 2
Scourge win initiative
They start off by sending the prowlers out to threaten the helios, getting right up against it but unable to attack that turn. However, they will be able to attack next turn, so my helios forgo attack to move 9 inches instead of 6, meaning they will always be able to keep their distance.

His weavers whip around the building taking out my trito, luckily it is a safe landing and my troops are able to get out and get into the middle building. My opponent tries out his new corruptor sending some razor worms in the building as well.

My enyos begin to hammer the large objective building on the left but it does little to disuade the eviscerators from going inside.

My two squads of immortals go into the large objective building on the right and his two squads of troops join them for a big massive punch up.

The njord disembarks the phobos and ares near the middle building and they move up to try and get a good vantage point to shoot the drop ships hiding behind te buildings. Tries to shoot some reavers but fail to do any damage.

The reapers try and fail to kill some of my walkers. And all around ineffective shooting all around.

The prowlers run up but are unable to get to anything.

Turn 3
Initiative to the scourge
The scourge have their hunters unload onto my walkers and helios, tey miss the helios and despite two shots only do one damage to an ares walker
The reapers try to do the same, the phobos reaction fire bringing one down, the other fails to do any damage,missing and failing to do damage.

The njord and helios and areas move next.

The ares try and fail to damage to the reavers.

However, the njord and the helios attack the hunters and things work much better, with helios taking out two of the hunters, the njord failing to damage, the anti aircraft helios ignoring the skimmer bonus and the shaped charge and weight of dice helping to surprise the opponent.

The eviscerotrs fail to find the objective and lose on of their members to falling masonry as the enyos continue to demolish the building. My opponent realizes that the building will be knocked down by the aim of the game and hopes he can find the objective before this.

The immortals fighting the razor worms kill them only taking one damage, however another squad is shot in with some obscene dice rolling (50% of my dice being 5's and only one 9% of his dice getting a 5)

The immortals fighting his troops begin to slaughter each other, both squads reduced to below half. One of his squads bottles it and runs into their transport leaving odds heavily in the PHR's favour with two squads against one, even though one squad is reduced to 1 person. Little bit of a gaff here as we forgot to split the dice between squads.

The minders try to ill the njord but do only 1 damage.

The reavers try and fail to kill the nord. However, they leave it with 2 damage left, my opponent despairing at the dice gods.

Turn 4 -
Initiative to PHR
The phobos move up and kill the light drop ship for the eviscerators, stranding them. The helios moves up and kills the corruptor leaving no more razorworms.

The njord tries to go down to kill the APC with the scourge troops that fled, but it can't take another round of reaction fire from the reavers and goes down.

My opponent is not able to kill any units except for one ares walker, also unable to damage the juno tanks, which in turn get a lucky shot off and finish off the last hunter. prowlers missing and only doing 1 damage, hunters missing and reapers missing most shots and only doing 1 damage with another.

The second squad of worms is killed leaving 3 immortals left but the objective still not found.

The enyos lay another shot with the building with the eviscerators about to topple, they still haven't found the objective.

At this point, due to the table looking pretty bare on my opponents end with nearly all of his units gone and only two of mine gone, and his eviscerators one shot away from dyeing, one objective just waiting to be found by my immortals, and his scourge gone, things look grim.

However he continues on, hoping to find the objective with the eviscerators so they can abandon the building before it falls, and also brings his squad of scourge left that fled back in to fight the immortals again, especially as they have found the objective.

Turn 5 -
The eviscerators still can't find the objective and the building topples, crushing the eviscerators.

My immortals in the middle building still don't find their objective

The immortals and scourge in the right building fight and both hold their nerve in a very even fight.

The opponents outside forces still fail to take out any of my ground forces due to more poor dice rolling as the remnants are mopped up outside.

Turn 6 -
The scourge...kill my immortals, and take the objective!

And, my incompetent immortals in the middle building fail to find their objective...which means, the scourge win!

The opponent really did not feel like he won though, mostly due to the carnage that took place outside, though it is an objective game, and I really should have focused more effort on trying to kill his scourge when they fled rather than focusing on the hunter tanks, though I feel that my opponent and the person he was fighting with were a little disheartened about not being able to hurt much of mine and me essentially doing a clean sweep of his ground forces.

My opponent realizes that the corruptor by itself is not enough to win CQB's by itself and should be supporting other combats.

Think I got lucky that he didn't commit his eviscerators to slaughtering my troops, supported by the razor worms that would have been very bad news for me (my plan being to sacrifice a squad tot he eviscerators and just demo the building...luckily as he went into a building without any squads, I didn't have to sacrifice anyone and could jsut isolate them and blow the building up)

I liked the njord, it was hard and my opponent worried about the damage it could do...even though it didn't actually do any damage, but none of the gun ships seemed to do much this game.

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