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Devising a Shaltari paint scheme DFC

PostPosted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:20 pm
by Overread
So this is planning for the near future (chances are I'll try and paint up more necrons that I've also recently started in order to try and get more practice before approaching the tiny details of Shaltari ships).

Right now I'm not sure of a scheme to use and will also need tips on the best approach paints wise, esp as with the very fine details chances are I don't want to be layering a lot of paint on as, even with thinning, it might obscure some; plus it also increases the chances for errors and more touching up.

Right now I've had a look around and the following schemes have caught my eye ... edrake.jpg ... 220007450/ ... 638150516/ ... 15x330.jpg ... -349366585

So rough idea that I've got is:
primary colour - dark. I'm thinking either black or something akin to the dark red as seen in this ... 638150516/

Edge fin colour - gold.

Core area - ideally something bright like the orangey fire colour from ... 15x330.jpg

Silver/metal should feature on the model as a secondary key colour esp around the weapons.

I've used silver and gold metallic paints (mostly the colour blending choice as suggested on the GW painting app) already, however I feel as if these ships would benefit from less metallic paint and perhaps a totally non-metallic approach to painting those colours.

I would greatly welcome any advice and suggestions - I should note that I don't have an airbrush to work with (and even if I did it would be a huge learning curve to learning to use one when I'm still learning getting a paintbrush to do what I want it to do ;)).

Re: Devising a Shaltari paint scheme DFC

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:52 pm
by Ljevid
Hi Overread,

I`m a huge fan of this color scheme: ... 220007450/

I`m pretty sure he used an airbrush to achieve the subtle color shift from red to orange to yellow. Otherwise he is awesome at wetblending.

The red/gold combo has some pro`s and con`s. You have to make sure you don`t end up with an Ironman color scheme (unless you like Ironman- then go for it)

Gold works well on red especially if you use the GW paints (some of which tend not to work well on black)

My advice for shaltari would be to use complentary colors. One main color for the hull (preferably the darker one) and the bright one for the paddles and possibly the command modules. A color shift in the metallics might look interesting.

I would first try to decide which colors you like best. Then you could get some more sensible advice.

Good luck :D