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Is there any way to not see threads?

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Is there any way to not see threads?

PostWed Mar 16, 2016 9:18 am

Hi all

I usually stalk the forums by refreshing my list of unread posts. The problem I have is that from that list it's not easy to identify the DFC threads from the DZC ones.

Now whilst I'm a kickstarter backer for DFC I'm not an 'Admiral' and I want to avoid the constant chatter of the Admirals discussing things. When my stuff is delivered in June/July I'll read the rules then. I don't want to already know everything and potentially know 'wrong' things before I've even opened the box.

I guess it was inevitable doing it this way but info is leaking out all over the place on the internet. I don't want to appear to be 'grumpy' and the Admirals discussing things will benefit me in the long run because they are basically beta-testing the game. I'd just like to avoid it. I can simply not visit some sites and leave facebook groups but I don't want to stop visiting this forum so if I could 'block' or 'hide' the DFC parts that would be good.

If not I can manually get to posts the long way but I thought it was worth an ask.


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