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What other miniature wargames do you play?

Discussion of other gaming systems
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostThu Jan 31, 2013 2:00 am

A better question for me is what miniature wargame haven't I played? lol! I'm an old codger and have played a lot - if not most - of them at one time or another. Currently though I play the following:

Heavy Gear (Leagueless and Black Talons) - I work for the company too as a game designer, studio painter and volunteer.
MERCS (CCC, FCC and ISS, but I own them all)- AWESOME skirmish game with a unique method of movement. I highly recommend it!
Star Wars X-Wing (Rebel scum, and loving it!) - The rules are tight, and the product amazing.
LEVIATHANS (British until the American fleet comes out) - Beautiful minis for this game!
Dystopian Wars (Antarcticans) - Unfortunately not many people play around my area.
Flames of War (British 8th Army Tank Company)- I'm just getting started with it.

And of course DZC (PHR). Hopefully I can fill out my army a bit at TempleCon this weekend, and get some pointers from Simon and company. ;)

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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostThu Jan 31, 2013 7:12 pm

Warmachine/Hordes - Cygnar, Retribution of Scryah, Mercenaries, Legion of Everblight, and Circle of Orboros. I'm also a PG for the company and was an external play test group leader for six years. I really enjoy the game and love the minis.

MERCS - Love my japs. I get to nuke people. Only played a couple of games but I like the system.

Critical Mass - Good 15m game with some great minis. I play ARC fleet. Not a lot of fluff for the game but I'm hoping it grows more.

Played 40k - Didn't like rebuilding my army every 3 years so I bailed about 10 years ago (got into Warmachine) and never looked back.

Played Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada - same rules, different minis, lost interest quickly. Now I can't sell my Terran fleet and it's gathering dust....

Played Infinity - Tried it, didn't like the activation system and really disliked a lot of the models.

Dropzone Commander - I really love this game. It's got great tactical depth, excellent minis and I like the fluff so far.
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostWed Feb 06, 2013 1:17 am

I too have been around for a long time - been playing all sort since the 1970's.

Here are some of my favourites:
Historical - Ancients to ECW including Naval and Napoleonic Naval. Mainly Punic wars period armies and ECW so far.

Fantasy - HOTT in 15mm, and of course Warhammer (still have the boxed version 1 that I bought waaaaaay back). Dark Elves are my favourite, but also have a completed Empire army and several others in progress.

SciFi - Battletech (pre-Classic), BFG, Traveler variations, 40K, Silent Death, and now DZC.
I loved the old Battletech and later my Jade Falcons. BFG main fleets are Imps and Chaos, but have some Orks and Eldar as well. 40K - I have completed armies for Eldar, Imperial Guard, SMs and Necrons with Orks as a work in progress.

DZC I have painted my Scourge army, just starting to paint the Shaltari and nagging my son to get on with his UCM :D
I love the DZC models - they have encouraged me to experiment with lots of new techniques and got me addicted to magnets (but not as bad as wookiehair lol). The next DZC project will be scenery.


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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostThu Feb 07, 2013 1:51 pm

For my list.
40k(although not that much 6th ed not a fan of this rule set)
Legends of the high seas
Flames of war
Used to play fantasy Got bored when the last deamon book came out
Space hulk
Blood bowl
Star wars x wing fighter
Rules of engagement
Bolt action is going to be started soon
Also looking at all quiet on the martian front when it comes out
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostThu Feb 07, 2013 2:26 pm

Star Wars X-Wing
Bolt Action

Those top my list. I am also a fully recovered GW & BF/FoW addict. Very little remains of my frenzied gaming years with them. :lol:
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostFri Feb 08, 2013 1:38 pm

Used to work for GW so played
40K, WFB, LOTR, Necromunda, Bloodbowl

currently play Warmahordes but it's definitely been off the boil recently, i have a large Khador force and a decent minions Gatorman force

Love playing DreadBall

alos have some stuff for the Judge Dredd miniatures game from Mongoose games
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostSun Feb 10, 2013 11:33 pm

Started wargaming in the mid 70s, mostly Avalon Hill board games. Current miniatures gaming:

40k - Tau, my first love. Currently a WIP army. Ultramarines, a themed WIP centered around, surprise!, an all orbital assault army. Orks, first army completed, just stupid fun. Funniest codex ever written.

Infinity - Ariadna, like being the low tech brawlers.

Dust Warfare. Just starting to get into this. A simple system with a surprising amount of tactical depth and "realism" with a game that has zombies, super heroes and World War 2 armies.

Dropzone Commander. 3000+ points of Shaltari and some PHR to give demos.

Edit: Since I last posted here, I've added MERCS, a seriously cool little "beer & pretzels" skirmish game. CCC, USCR and ISS.

Edit again: Now into Warmachine, Convergence, X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, Wings of Glory WWI and Sails of Glory.

And I now have all 4 DZC armies.
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostFri Feb 15, 2013 9:39 pm

I used to game exclusively in GW. Used to have Imperial Guard (many many minis, including some Super Heavies), Space Marines, Orks and Tau. Tau are long gone, Orks are in process of being painted so that I can sell them to someone. The IG and SM armies are in tubs, and even my Warhound Titan has fallen apart because the super glue came undone.

I have pretty large Khador and Circle Orboros armies, over 100 points apiece, and those continue to grow as new minis come out. I eventually want to get the Merc's Colossal as well (Already have the Conquest).

But, Dropzone is the one game right now that I actually look forward to playing. There Warmahordes is fun, just don't like spending the time to play it, if that makes any sense. DzC actually holds my attention the entire game. I almost have the mega army plus some extras for both PHR and UCM, and am looking forward to getting the rest of what I need and then getting the new stuff when it comes out.

But, I gotta get all that DzC stuff painted before March, as I have a Vampire level amount of Bones Kickstarter minis that are going to be delivered (along with 2 massive Bones dragons), and I get to paint those!
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostFri Mar 29, 2013 8:09 pm

Only been playing since 2002 compared to several of you but mainly Warhammer 40k until 2 years back.

Warhammer 40k - Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Tyranid, Tau, Grey Knight, Eldar
Warhammer Fantasy - Skaven for the year it was
Warmachine - Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate, Cryxx, Mercenaries, and Retribution. Got the minis when it came out and still adding to each army
Hordes - Circle, and Legion only thanks to the starter
Dropzone Commander -UCM, PHR next up is Shaltari for me

Also have Heavy Gear miniatures and rulebooks along with the Mercs rulebook and some of the Yellow Jackets miniatures along with painting D&D miniatures since 2002 and playing 3.5 - 5th edition. 3.5 was awesome, 4th was dumbed down, but 5th edition's playtest got me and my group to bounce back to 3.5 once we were done with Star Wars.
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Re: What other miniature wargames do you play?

PostSun Mar 31, 2013 5:21 pm

Flames of War (Collecting and playing)
Dystopian Wars Naval (French Fleet, Still playing)
Space Hulk (Still got but don’t play much)
40k Epic (Still got some stuff but don’t play)
Wargames Research Group 6th Edition 15mm (Have later Crusader & Anglo Danish armies, play some).
Wargames Research Group Renaissance (Had a 15mm Swiss army, don’t play anymore)
WW2 Rapid Fire 15mm (German army, don’t play anymore)
Blitzkrieg Commander 10mm / 1-144th (German army, Play very rarely)
Infinity (Bought and painted figures but did not play a game)
Dropzone Commander (PHR, Now my main game).

A few pics on:

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