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Short Stories (UCM Deathdasher)

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Short Stories (UCM Deathdasher)

PostMon Sep 15, 2014 6:02 pm

I saw the other short stories posts and I thought I would make my own. Any ideas on improvements? :)

It was surprisingly quiet as Praetorian squad hatchet cleared the ancient EAA science labs looking for some intel GHQ had heard about. Apparently ,according to a resistance informant , information about the PHR white sphere was here. That's why a entire archangel wing was providing cover. Squad leader ,Sergeant Raven, however suspected nothing but was not very optimistic either though he daren't say anything. It wouldn't look good ,a leader grumbling to his men about there task. Pulling himself out of his mind and back into the present he was hit by a massive wave of damp as his squad entered the old titanium mines. "Right, Michael, Ashley cover the rear. Flynn provide overwatch. Rest of you on me." As a chorus of "yes sirs" came over the radio Raven led the rest of his squad ever deeper into the archives and the possible documents that may or may not be there. As they moved forward they suddenly heard 1 2 no 3 shots. "Michael, Ashley report!" Static. "Flynn report!" Again static. "Squad defensive positions and switch your UM-3's to assault rifles. Base HQ we are reporting a possible contact. Request deployment of our support over?"
"Hatchet squad this is base HQ. Request authorised. Just sit tight."
"Sit tight squad, support is on its way." But the enemy seemed to have embarked on a psychological warfare campaign. The sound of a chainsaws powering up definitely had a effect on the men. Then without warning they charged chainsaws blaring, screaming at the top of there lungs. However they hadn't counted on the fire power of the praetorians. Waiting until they were at fully effective range the praetorians opened fire and blasted the snarling howling mob to kingdom come. It was then that Raven had a look at his attackers. "This is Hatchet squad to base HQ. It was a setup, the resistance, they're feral, they tricked us. We need that support ASAP."
"Confirmed Hatchet squad. Units codenamed Hawk and War our on there way. There be there in..." The radio suddenly went cold.
"They're using jammers." One member of the squad , Corporal Bates commented in despair.
"Resistance groups encounterd so far don't have access to that kind of technology" put in Lucinda, the teams only female operative.
"Then who are we facing?" put in Holems.
"Whatever we're facing we need to kill it," Raven interrupted.
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