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Re: Flames of war

PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:43 pm
by samspace
pilgrim wrote:
PullsyJr wrote:For WW2 stuff, I'd strongly recommend Chain of Command. Far more realistic than FoW (which as mentioned above, is Warhammer 40k mechanics in a different setting), a lot more tactical, and and all round excellent game.

Playable in any scale, meaning you can get your minis from a huge range of suppliers. My mate bought about 140 models (15mm scale, I believe) for less than $50 a few weeks ago. Bargain.

Plus, the people who make it (Too Fat Lardies) will be releasing a modern version called Fighting Season. I'm excited about this! Time to get my Australians out against the insurgents... :D

This - 150%

CoC actually makes you think about why units did things the way they did. It is absolutely brutal. Do something stupid (such as frontal assaults) and you lose. Try and out-shoot MG42s - good luck with that. Use real fire and movement and suddenly it works. It needs a bit more thinking about, but it is the only game I have ever played that I looked back on and thought I understand WW2 infantry combat a bit better

This intrigues me. I pinged some people at my FLGS and this was the response I got.

"Its ok but its unwieldy and just ends in boring firefights"