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UCM/Scource/Shaltari "Standard Army" problem?

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UCM/Scource/Shaltari "Standard Army" problem?

PostTue Jan 08, 2013 8:14 pm

I just started using FFoR and really love it - it's probably the best army creation program I've seen for any game - but I have noticed one thing I consider an oddity.

My problem isn't so much an error in the program or missing options, it's a perceived error in the organization of the UCM, Scourge, and Shaltari "Standard" starter armies. This issue does not seem to be present in the PHR's organization.

Each army essentially consists of "two infantry squads, a MBT/MGT squad, an AA squad, and transport for each." In the UCM/Scourge/Shaltari pre-loaded armies found in FFoR, the MBT/MGT squad and the AA squad are grouped into ONE Battlegroup, yielding two BGs: an Infantry and an Armour. While this is technically a legal Skirmish arrangement for Armour BGs (1-2 Standard, 0-1 Support, MAX 2), it could break the "... a single Battlegroup may not come to more than 1/2 of your army's total allowed points for Skirmishes rule" for armies, unless you set the maximum allowed points to a value higher than the points cost of your army, which, in my opinion, would prevent the Standard armies from playing lower-weight games and leave them constantly against opponents that have made better use of their points totals.

At any rate, it seems like a better tactical option would be to split the army into three Battlegroups (Armour/Infantry/Support), as it would allow a player the best response to an opponent's plans, as it would allow them a greater flexibility in activations, essentially letting a player sit back and wait for their opponent to reveal their hand before attacking with the MBT/Infantry squads or giving them an emergency response after activating the MBT/Infantry first (as AA guns can be turned earth-ward). That being said, I haven't played a game yet, so I might be wrong.

Like I said, this might just be a perceived problem. Certainly, with the points totals listed in the armies (700/800/800 for UCM/Scourge/Shaltari) it isn't illegal, unless you want to bring the army into games closer to the actual points cost (around 550). I don't necessarily suggest anyone hurry to change it, I just thought I should bring it up.
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Re: UCM/Scource/Shaltari "Standard Army" problem?

PostWed Jan 09, 2013 5:58 pm

You're not wrong about the potential for breaking the 1/2 limitation depending on the points size, but it's relatively easy to avoid by adding some extra points for commanders, or honestly just ignoring it. I don't think the starter boxes are necessarily intended to function as competitive armies for a given points level, especially when put against more customized forces. They're more there to just plop on the table against each other to get a feel for the game.

That's up to Hawk for their purpose, so can't speak to that specifically, but I can to why they are the way they are in FFoR :) The armies as included are basically just a possible structure to encompass the models included in the various army deals. It's intended more as a listing of what there, and a starting point, than any sort of optimized competitive army. I honestly don't really expect anyone to use that in anything more than a first-time starter game for the sets, much less to think it's intended as an optimized setup.

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