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Phase 2 has been added!

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Re: Phase 2 has been added!

PostWed Aug 24, 2016 3:46 am

We're you ever able to fix the Vampire to the Rare category? Thanks again, appreciate all your hard work.
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Re: Phase 2 has been added!

PostWed Aug 24, 2016 3:52 am

J.D. Welch wrote:
time wizard wrote:
Berjiz wrote:Not phase 2 related but I think it's a bug. On the Ares the scanning array is only listed for the railgun but not on the minigun. Unless I'm misstaken the scanning array works on both weapons.

I believe it's only on the Railgun. Aside from the fact that the summary says that it "...mounts a fearsome RX-1railgun in conjunction with an advanced scanning array." there is also the *Special Rule under the units listing. If the scanning array special rule worked for the minigun as well, then that special rule would have had to be included under the specs for each battle walker since each one carries the minigun.

Nope, Simon has said (repeatedly) that the Scanning Array works for both of the Ares' guns, which makes it very effective against Freeriders and Medusae... The wording is wonky, but believe me, the Scanning Array works for the whole Ares... ;) :D

Is this in the Living Rules Querry FAQ?
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Re: Phase 2 has been added!

PostWed Aug 24, 2016 4:30 am

Unfortunately, no, I don't think so. Simon kinda fell off of keeping that up to date in the last few months. But it is in another post somewhere, not sure where, and he announced it at the LVO, so it wasn't just said to me...
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