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What's Up With SCOLDZAP?

A Web Browser Army Builder
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J.D. Welch

Hawk Talon

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What's Up With SCOLDZAP?

PostMon Aug 31, 2015 7:02 am

Hey, Solomon.

I'm trying to noodle out some PHR lists, and the Infantry section is all messed up:
  • I can only select one base of any Troops or Scouts Infantry.
  • Angelos are listed as 37 points, but they now only cost 30 points.
You're not working on live code, are you?
I love my job (well, I love having a job), but a bad day of gaming beats a good day of work every time!


Hawk Talon

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Re: What's Up With SCOLDZAP?

PostMon Aug 31, 2015 10:19 pm

Updated. But to answer your other question...

Not live code, but live data. Database is backed up once a day, however.
Point costs, squad min/max, and sharing are stored in a table, and updated through simple SQL statements.

However, if you want to see code in development, replace "scoldzap" with "kudzu" in the url.

I'm not using a code repository or versioning system with Scoldzap, which is ironic, because I administer Git, Subversion, and Perforce at my day job. :D

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