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Fixing a Mix And Match transport issue

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Fixing a Mix And Match transport issue

PostTue Feb 16, 2016 1:14 am

One of the problem I've heard back about SCOLDZAP is that some units cannot be mixed and matched.

Specifically, you normally can't mix Wolverine A's and B's in a single unit. You can't have some Immortals ride in Juno A1 and the other squad ride in Juno A2 when shared.

I think I found a way around that.

I've added a *downgrade* option for the Wolverine A and the Juno A1, to downgrade to the cheaper version of their class.

For now, the cheaper item still exists, but if people say this option works, I will be deleting the base Wolverine B and Juno A2 from the database.


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