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Sorry for disappearing for a bit

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Hawk Talon

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Sorry for disappearing for a bit

PostSat Oct 15, 2016 12:25 am

Just pinging the group to let people know I'm still alive.

I had some car trouble back in August, and let's just say things overheated, gave me the wrong status messages ("Your gas cap needs tightening"!), and car parts fused together that shouldn't be fused together, in the middle of the night, just outside that area of Edwards Air Force Base colloquially known as UFO Country.

"I am *not* getting abducted by aliens tonight!" I screamed into dashboard as the electricity died out.

Since then, the logistics of getting to work without a car have eaten a considerable amount of time, but I should be able to look at bugs this weekend.

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J.D. Welch

Hawk Talon

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Re: Sorry for disappearing for a bit

PostSat Oct 15, 2016 5:26 am

Awesome! Thank you, sir!

Sorry if I came off as harsh on FB... But I've been leaving messages here, and also on FB, and as I said, crickets. Understandable, tho... Just a little frustrating when I see you posting on FB about Tesla but every time I try to use SCOLDZAP the totals come out wrong in FFoR.

Anyway, sorry if I came across as a dick. You know I love you. :D

Are you going to go to the LVO in February?
I love my job (well, I love having a job), but a bad day of gaming beats a good day of work every time!

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