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2016 design a unit competition voting

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2016 design a unit competition voting

PostWed Jan 11, 2017 4:38 pm

I’ve done it. The finalist document is complete (and if I have been smart it should be at the end of the link here).
Voting rules:
List your favourite 5 entries from most favourite (number 1) to number 5)
Please do not vote for yourself
Feel free to say why you have voted, or why not

When voting your first choice gains 5 points, second choice gains 4 points, 3rd choice gains 3 points, 4th choice gains 2 points and 5th choice gains 1 point. At the end of the voting period all points will be tallied up and the winners announced.

Voting will close on Friday 17th February.
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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostSat Jan 14, 2017 5:08 pm

1) Lycurgus class Destroyer

2) Thucydides class battlecruiser

3) Callisto class frigate

4) Dallas class destroyer

5) Thrassa Aegis class destroyer

EDIT: Gave all the entrants a third look over, decided to change votes.

I chose the Lycurgus as my number one simply because I love its loadout, and it really feels like how a destroyer should. Respectable firepower in all arcs while also being a tough nut to crack, I'd definitely take one if I played PHR. The weapon stats are perfect and it's just a simple, solid ship that I'd take in a list without a second thought. It also sets a nice, simple precedent for PHR destroyers; a front prow gun and a single halfside slot per side, like a cruiser cut in half. Simple and to the point.

Thucydides came in at number two for a similar reason as the Lycurgus; I really enjoy PHR heavy guns (even if their stats are a tad lacking) and think they should be on more of their ships. The only thing that would be better is a PHR battlecruiser with two double broadsides of pure heavy guns, and nothing else.

Callisto came in third for me because the weapon system is really interesting; a pure broadside close action that also has flash is an excellent utility ship, even if its outright damage potential as a CAW frigate is subpar compared to its peers in other factions.

Dallas came in fourth for me for the same reasons as the Lycurgus, it just feels like a destroyer. The only reason why it came in fourth rather than second or third is because I don't entirely agree with its weapon stats; I personally feel it should have a single UF-4200 turret (or even two, with a points increase), rather than a single UF-2200 turret. Additionally, while the Rattlesnake laser having bloom is very fluffy, I personally don't think it's a good design choice. Overall, I love the concept of the ship.

Thrassa came in fifth because I'm a fan of extending the various PHR calibres to the turret-bank-battery-broadside schema, and the Thrassa provides an excellent specialized frigate-killing platform that's not as overbearing like the Ajax or Orpheus. The Aegis is a nice touch too, but I feel like Aegis(6) is a tad too much. I'd definitely use this against Djinn or Taipei spam lists, but I feel it's too good for a higher spot on the list. The concept is excellent.
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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostSun Jan 15, 2017 11:43 pm

1) Warsaw-class Light Missile Cruiser

2) Thrassa-class Destroyer

3) Dallas-class Destroyer

4) Cerastes-class Destroyer

5) Aventurine-class Destroyer

I tend to go for elegant concepts with a minimal amount of special snowflake rules for individual ships.

To me there was quite an impressive range of destroyers on offer, but I particularly liked Dheran's take on them. Each one seems pack a punch as a destroyer should, and reflects the character of their respective factions without going overboard on firepower (or excessive special rules, as noted above).

But for me, my first choice went to the Warsaw as I thought that it was simple, effective and to the point, and a design I could clearly see being employed by the UCMF but that also didn't overdo it on the close action weaponry.
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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostMon Jan 16, 2017 12:46 am

1) Niagara class ASW destroyer

2) Patroclus class ASW destroyer

3) Warsaw class light missle cruiser

4) Thucydides class battlecruiser

5) Moonstone class cruiser


The first two designs are what I would wish each race to get with destroyers - an ASW (Anti-Ship-in-atmosphere Warfare) destroyer, so I decided to upvote them in case Hawk hasn't started the design process for destroyers. After all hunting subs is one of the traditional roles for destroyers.

Warsaw is a very good take on CAW CL and I also applaud the choice of the city ;)

Thucydides is a nice PHR b-cruiser with big guns, something that is missing from the PHR's battlecruiser range.

Moonstone got to the list thanks to the weapon design. Distort + Fusillade creates an interesting combo: low risk-low damage or high risk-high damage. The stats on the weapon are on the OP side, but the idea is very sound.


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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostMon Jan 16, 2017 7:31 pm

1) Patroclus
2) Odysseus
3) Thressa
4) Lycurgus
5) Dallas

I like the Patroclus cause I feel like a good destroyer should always have depth charges. i also thing that o=would be a nice addition to the game
same kind of for the Odysseus mines would be a nice additions
The rest are just some needed help that the PHR could use.
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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostTue Jan 17, 2017 4:27 am

1) Moonstone
2) Erinyes
3) Nouveau Casablanca Escort Carrier
4) Callisto Class Frigate
5) Patroclus Class Destroyer

Moonstone: I love the combination of Distortion and Fusillade(1) on the Manifold Catapult. It gives a really interesting choice in going weapons free for damaging enemy vessels and very much fits into the Hawk design ethos of always having choices. It could potentially devastate but only if it opens up ( 1, 4 at standard orders or the potential of 9 on weapons free!). It's also a very cinematic weapon. Points seem appropriate. Very good job here.

Erinyes: This is an excellent design. The number of hull points (at 6) really make this a thematic and interesting ship to play. With the "Beast" rule in effect when the ship suffers crippling damage her two Occulus Beam Array's become lock 2+. That's the potential of 8 damage with a crit on 4+. But this comes on a knife edge of almost dying to get the extra damage. If you take two damage on the initial cripple roll you will most likely die (or barely survive). If you do survive at the end of your next activation you roll on the cripple table again. Basically if the Erinyes isn't killed with the first cripple roll it will destroy itself making its attack run against you! This also means that Scourge players would drive the Erinyes as close as possible to the enemy ships so if you roll a that 2 or more damage cripple result you will blow up close enough to the enemy to do some damage from the catastrophic table. Kamikaze scourge. Awesome...

Nouveau Casablanca Escort carrier: Very simple clean design with appropriate points cost. I can see it being used to escort other ships around using their fighter complement to fend off CAW and their small number of bombers to smash down screening units.

Callisto Class Frigate: I'm not entirely sure why but the Fire hornet drone battery has me hooked. I don't know about the utility of a flash CAW as usually by the time you are in close action ships are going weapons free all over the place. However I'm sure there is a good use for it. The fire arcs are particularly interesting, as this ship can really put out the hurt in close action more so than any other frigate but only in the broadside arcs...

Patroclus Class Destroyer: Love the depth charges, though I'm waffling a bit on the crippling aspect of their profile. The PHR always seem to have those multi-role ships and this fits right in with their fleet theme. Regenerate makes them a bit tougher than first glance as well.
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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostSun Jan 22, 2017 9:15 pm

I've been really impressed by all the entries in this competition, especially the depth of background fluff people had written to set the scene for their entry. The quality of entries meant I've had to go through the list five times, narrowing down my choices each time! In the end, I've gone for ships that either fill a gap or offer an interesting alternative to a current ship, without adding too many new special rules. I ruled out the dreadnought entries as we just don't know enough about what they will look like to judge if an entry is reasonable or not.

My votes:

1. Niagara-class destroyer
2. Warsaw-class light missile cruiser
3. Thrassa-class aegis destroyer
4. Nouveau Casablanca-class escort carrier
5. Thucydides-class battlecruiser

Once again, well done to all entrants!
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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostMon Feb 13, 2017 6:52 pm

Reminder for the last week of voting, I suppose :)


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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostTue Feb 14, 2017 8:00 pm

Ok here goes my top 5!

1. Scourge: Iko-Turso
2. UCM: York town assault carrier
3. PHR: Oracle class frigate
4. PHR: ATLANTA-class Destroyer
5. UCM: Sevastopol

Runner ups:
Bratislava escort carrier and her sister Vienna escort destroyer
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Re: 2016 design a unit competition voting

PostFri Feb 17, 2017 9:48 pm

1. Oracle class AWACS Frigate
2. Atlanta class Destroyer
3. Miami
4. Tourmaline
5. Warsaw light missile carrier

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