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ALL The Launch Assets?

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Re: ALL The Launch Assets?

PostThu Oct 26, 2017 2:35 pm

Nicius wrote:The only point about UCM carriers is their firepower. The launch assets are more a bonus then something else. I cannot remeber the last time I had a succesfull bombing run. They are usefull to shut down PHR and Scourge bombers occasionally.

I haven't managed to get my UCM into anything larger than a demo game yet, but I tend to view the Seattle as an upgrade over the Rio, trading the mediocre UM-4200 batteries for the more flexible launch 3. The 27 point cost differential is not always worth it, but it is slightly less than the cost of a Jakarta to fill the same point defense role, and adds the option for an opportunistic offensive strike as well.

Would I load out with 9+ launch assets in a UCM fleet? I seriously doubt it, but I think 3-6 looks like a plausible option.
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Re: ALL The Launch Assets?

PostThu Oct 26, 2017 4:25 pm

That is true. I use dual Seattles a lot and it gives reasonable damage output with some cover against bombers. I've never been able to use them offensively with launch assets, and they tend to be high signature targets due to launch.

Lately I've been wondering I've I'm not better off with more burnthroughs.

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