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Hawk is dead, long live TT

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Hawk is dead, long live TT

PostTue Oct 24, 2017 4:19 pm

Well, the long agony seems to be over and the games have been absorved by TT Combat.
The good news is that David will continue designing the games and that the existing miniature range will be kept and expanded.
Franckly, I think this is excelent news. For a couple of years Hawk was not releasing new material and even when doing so, delays were terrible, due most likely to the lack of funds of the company.
If the games, the workers and the designers can move on to the new company and the games get the influx of money that they needed, then I'll be very happy.
I'm a player of Carnevale, another of the games that TT Combat bought in the past, and quite happy with what these gentlemen are doing with that IP. Just hope that the Drop universe gets the support it needs to keep on running, and knowing that David is still on the creative helm gives me peace of mind.
Hope for the best.

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