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Reyna Hevn stories

Tell the world your Dropfleet related trials and tribulations!
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Reyna Hevn stories

PostMon Feb 12, 2018 11:12 pm

Hi there

it looks like a fair amount of you all read my ongoing DFC stories. Many it appears more then once! LOL Thank you for that.

I am casting about to see if anyone has any brief ideas on what else you would like to see written. I try to jump between Reyna and her crew as well as straight up action and ship board life as I see it.

I have a couple of more story ideas for the ship and crew to include maybe an antagonist on the other side. But am interested in more potential ideas.

To answer some questions I have gotten:

Reyna Anne Hevn - Her name is Swedish in origin. Reyna means Queen and Hevn means Revenge. So her name is... wait for it.... Queen Anne Revenge...

Accipiter - The name of our little Andromeda and pronounce "Ack-sipiter". This is a genus of some of the smaller hawks here on Earth.

Damage Control story - Based off the fight to save the USS Samuel B Roberts that struck an Iranian mine in the Gulf in 1988. She lay in the middle of a minefield, her midsection torn open, her back was broken and help a day away. Her crew fought to save her and did. Also an Iranian Sa'am frigate showed up and appeared to be contemplating an attack but the captain ordered missiles on the rails. Seeing that the frigate decided it was needed somewhere else.

Interdictor story - I spent 20 years in defense working assault helicopters. One of those years I saw a wrecked Black Hawk brought back to life. She was just shy of being scrapped but was rebuilt as a test bed bird.

The interdictor system - I find the Ikarus an interesting concept having that forward gun. So I decided why not do something similar for a frigate sized carrier? Like all experimental devices its big, bulky, has unique problems but also enough pro's that it wont (hopefully) be fatal. It probably also has a ton of bright orange cabling all over the place... :)

Star Athena and upgrades- Early on I decided it would be neat to have a modular system that could fight in space or atmo. However, I also wanted to show the evolution of mod upgrades that happens over time in the military. I knew eventually she would get the Aethon and Arion birds. I also purposely put "launch tubes" on her but during the interdictor rebuild she went to the open bay concept.


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