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Experimental Errata and new Tournament Pack

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Re: Experimental Errata and new Tournament Pack

PostFri Mar 02, 2018 10:22 am

Scoundrel13 wrote:Thanks to all feedback so far! updated links here and at the first post: ... 2.pdf?dl=0 ... 5.pdf?dl=0

I have removed the rule about unshakeable Torpedoes.

Added rules for boosting PHR battery and broadside weapons!

Tidying up of wording in lots of places: Granite, debris fields, etc.

If we continue to get feedback about the Launch/Dense Debris rule and Orbital Coherency rule, I may remove these too. The Orbital coherency stemmed from logic: The ships would be miles apart vertically, but I understand the argument that defensive measures shouldn't be punished. The launch/Debris rule was after seeing the power of heavy PHR Launch lists in our meta. Extra defence against that seemed needed!

Please test these in real games, and keep giving us feedback, rather than a long argument about maths. Take that to PM, please.

nice ill go on and do some test games, i dont think that Bombers are to strong in Game right now, but well i hope Torpedoes will do better than now

i think ill not use the Orbital Coherency rule in my test games, it feels to much of a handy cap for tactical decisions...
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