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New Mission System for faster play

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New Mission System for faster play

PostThu Apr 13, 2017 5:12 pm

My gaming group has really been enjoying the Experimental Rules, especially where it came to speeding up gameplay, and de-emphasising ground combat.

There were still a few things that were nagging at us, though, so we decided to test out some changes - the result is a scenario system we're calling Dropfleet: Interdiction.

The main idea is to speed up the game and slim down the ground combat (while still keeping it relevant), while retaining the gameplay we love.

The ground combat has been boiled down to: Only Armour attacks anything in a cluster, But to balance things only Infantry
controls sectors & clusters. There is no movement, which in our testing pushes the decision of what sector to go to to where it should be - the dropships.

We've also changed the missions to streamline things, again to speed up gameplay and emphasise ships, while still keeping the "Drop" in Dropfleet relevant.

Among the changes is 5 turn games - we find that at 1250, this is enough turns to reach the climax of the battle and have a fulfilling game. Along with this is a rebalance of points and streamlining of clusters (all are 3 clusters), so that holding space vs holding the ground are both important.

We've really been enjoying these changes so far - especially when we're crunched for time and need to play the game faster.

The link is here:

If anyone wants to try out these changes and tell us how it went, we'd love the feedback.

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