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Collected FAQ/Errata

Stuck on a rules interpretation, get it answered here!
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Collected FAQ/Errata

PostSat Nov 12, 2016 4:31 pm

I thought I would toss all the questions into one OP so there is less digging through the other thread and the Facebook groups. I will edit this post whenever someone brings up a new issue (either in the other thread or just here/PM me).

Feel free to discuss below but keep in mind unless there is a clear example in the rulebook that was simply missed by someone (for example the air to air question was in the book just missed by the person asking) I will leave the question up as it could probably use some clarification from Hawk even if it seems obvious to me or you.

If you have a better way to word one of these examples let me know! I'm just grabbing questions from Facebook, here and my memory and wording might not be perfect. Thanks for any help keeping this accurate and updated!

***I have added test in bold after the question if someone has been given an answer to it by Hawk staff at some point. These answers are not official yet but can be seen as the direction the FAQ/Errata will likely be taking.***

Dropfleet Commander FAQ / Errata Questions

Game Turn Sequence
If your flipped Battlegroup is destroyed before you get to activate it do you flip over another card or simply remove the dead Battlegroup card and end your turn? "Hawk Liam confirmed that if your Battlegroup is destroyed by your opponent before you activate it you simply end your turn and both players flip their next cards".


When do standard orders remove the spike? Page 42 has it removed at the beginning of the ships activation. It is written on page 43 that the spike is removed at the end of the ships activation. This would mean I can fire a bloom weapon during my activation and remove the resulting spike at the end of my activation.


Can you ran a ship in atmosphere? Can it be done even if you are not atmospheric?

Can you fire at your own ships to destroy them (or if you are Shaltari push a ship 45 degrees)?

After a Group completes its movement do you then move on to the Firing Procedure as a Group or as individual ships? If the answer is follow the 7 steps for the Group a single time is the following example correct?
The process for shooting is to allocate and then roll all attack dice and determine the number of damage points inflicted for one Group. Then once all damage is determined the PD kick in and roll against all damage inflicted by CAWs. This means for example a Battlegroup with 3 Djinns and 1 Wyvern are attacking something. The Djinns roll all their CAW and shooting attacks and manage 8 damage from CAW and 2 from other weapons. The target then rolls all its PD dice against those 8 damage. The target would then make armour saves for all 10 hits if the PD did not stop any damage. Then the Wyvern activates and does 5 damage with its CAW and 1 with its other weapons. The target gets to roll all its PD dice against those 5 damage. Is this a correct example of how to roll the PD dice?
"Entire group fires its weapons at the same time following the 7 steps according to Hawk team at Invasion"

Does the firing player simply choose the order of resolving Crippling and Catastrophic damage or are all those rolls assumed to happen simultaneously?

Crippling Damage:
Does a crippling weapon that gets a critical remove cloaking or does that only occur with 50% health?

Does a crippling weapon trigger Beast or is that just apply to 50% health crippling?
Can a ship hit with a crippling weapon still use the Regenerate rule if it is still above 50% hull?

If you have multiple of the same Critical Damage do you roll for repair for each one individually?

If a ship has already activated or is crippled by launch assets/ground fire can it repair the crippling damage without ever suffering the effects?

Damage Control:
What happens when a ship in atmosphere suffers from orbital decay?

Can Weapons Offline be repaired? All other crit damage results even mention having to be repaired or not being repairable (or only have immediate effect).

For Fire critical damage you will only take the damage if you fail to repair correct? So if I am set on fire this turn at the round up phase I will take 0 Damage on a roll of 4-6, 1 Damage and roll again next turn on 2-3, and 2 Damage and roll again next turn on a 1 correct?

Orbital Combat:
When in atmosphere is the 2" movement a cap or is it the new value for a ship as long as it is in atmosphere? So for example can I Max Thrust and go 4"?

Orbital Debris:
Fine Debris and Dense Debris with Launch Assets. It has been discussed that Fine Debris means a debris field made of small particles (like a sand storm) while a Dense Debris field is made of large chunks (like asteroids). Is this a correct assumption and the reason why Launch Assets are more likely to be destroyed by Fine Debris?

Do Planetary Rings effect Launch Assets? As written they do not.

Planetary Rings do not mention attacking ships in the text on page 53. However the image example to go with it mentions a crossing ship taking two Lock 2+ hits for crossing it. What happens when a ship crosses a Planetary Ring?

Debris Fields and Rings reduce the scan range of ships firing through them. This means for example a ship with a Signature of 6” and a Major spike on it would be visible 18” away to both a Shaltari cruiser and a UCM cruiser if it is less than 6” into a debris field correct? You also can effectively never fire close action weapons into/across Debris Fields and Rings correct?

Space Stations:
Do Space Stations gain Spikes (they are treated like ships after all and so could be active scanned if controlled by the enemy or hit with a flash weapon) and if so how do they remove them (if possible).

Can Strike Carriers launch Dropships (Voidgates send Gates) onto Space Stations if they are in Atmosphere? "No they must be in low orbit" From Invasion 2017

Can a Voidgate move Ground Assets from one Space Station to another?
Does a Voidgates Charged Air effect Ground Assets being deployed to a Space Station?
"Voidgates treat space stations like normal clusters however they must be in low orbit to drop gates" from Invasion 2017

Ground Combat:

Do you always go second if you win Initiative in the Ground Combat segment of Roundup? Other places the winner gets to choose to go first or second while in Ground Combat the winner always goes second. This means the player who lost Initiative can move their Ground Assets first and lock the winners Ground Assets in place.

Launch Assets:
When you move Fighters on to an enemy ship with Fighters on it, do you remove one token for each Fighter token you send or just one enemy Fighter Token regardless of how many you send?

When you send Launch Assets against a target on a different Orbital Layer do they suffer the -1 Lock Value?

Does a torpedo continue to try and attack forever until it either hits, is shaken off on a 6+ or its destroyed by orbital debris?

If Planetary Rings effect Launch Assets (question above) when do the Launch Assets change layers if targeting something different from the carrier? For example my Hydra is in High Orbit and is targeting a ship in Low Orbit on the other side of a Planetary ring. Will my bombers drop to Low Orbit right away and avoid the ring or will they wait till they reach the target (and thus fly through the ring)?

Can you split Fighters/Bombers/Dropships/Bulk Landers from one ship between targets/sectors or do they all go to the same ship/sector?

Can you split you Launch Assets between Fighters and Bombers?

When bombers attack are they considered in scan range? This effects the Scald rule on the Scourge bombers.

Are only Shaltari gates Strike Craft or are all Dropships/Bulk Landers Strike Craft as well (page 61 box makes it sound like the are not Strike Craft while the rest of the rules suggest they are)?

Does launching a Dropship/Bulk Lander cause a minor spike on the ship launching them?

Do all Dropship/Bulkland/Gate Assets resolve at the same time? The direct issue for this is when an enemy drops a Defence Battery on a Sector does it effect my Dropships landing there this turn or will it only take effect against future drops?

When an enemy tries to land 3 Infantry Ground Assets from 1 Bulk Lander on a Cluster where you have a Defence Battery do you roll 1 die against the Bulk Lander or 3 dice against the Infantry tokens? The second paragraph on pg57 in the Batteries section states 1D6 per Asset and if a 3+ is rolled no token is placed. Since Bulk Landers do not have tokens that would suggest 3 shots (1 per Infantry token) and the word Asset does not specify the Launch Asset Bulk Lander or the Ground Asset Infantry. To make matters more confusing the entry on Shaltri Voidgates and Charged Atmosphere does not mention assets at all (ground or otherwise) and talks about shooting down Bulk Landers on a 4+ which is very different from the wording on page 57. The entries for Dropships and Bulk Landers refer to their tokens arriving on target which also supports the idea that their tokens are being shot at before the ground assets are deployed even if we are also told not to bother placing their tokens on the board. "One shot per bulk lander and it will remove all 3 ground tokens if destroyed" from Invasion 2017

How does Weapons Offline interact with Launch Assets the turn it happens? If the ship has already activated this turn is sounds like you should be able to launch you Launch Assets this turn, is this correct? Another example, a ship takes Weapons Offline damage before it activates then it would not be able to fire and would not be able to use Launch Assets this turn however next turn it could do both fine, correct?

Ship Special Rules:

Does Beast trigger itself when taking a critical damage roll at the end of its activation?

Weapon Special Rules:
Air-to-Air, if a weapon has this rule and is a close action weapon may it be fired from atmosphere into low/high orbit or vice versa?

How do bombardment weapons interact with firing from atmosphere? As written now a bombardment weapon can fire from atmosphere as written on page 67. However page 56 states sectors can only be targeted from low orbit. To make it more complicated Low Level on the Medea states it may be fired from atmosphere. As written either Low Level is redundant or useless as it does not allow sectors to be targeted from atmosphere (only fire the weapon with no penalty which as far as page 67 says it could already do!). "Bombardment must be from low orbit (Medea not mentioned yet)" from Invasion 2017

Burnthrough and critical hits. Hawk Liam confirm this earlier however a written example would be appreciated. To reiterate: a Burnthrough weapon rolls its attack dice together. If at any step you make a critical hit with one die then all of the next hitting attack dice rolls will be critical. That is to say die A is a hit while die B is a critical hit. Next roll dice from both A and B will be critical hits (if they hit normally of course).

Does Scald effect Passive Saves the same way as normal armour saves? This is really asking if Passive Saves are totally different from armour saves are they the same thing but just critical immune. "At Boot Camp Dave states Scald does effect Passive Saves."

How does the timing for a flash weapon work when it comes to crippling damage and a cloaked ship? If a Flash weapon does 3 damage to a ship with Full Cloak and cripples it in the process how many spikes will it have? Possibilities are 0 as the cripple takes place after the weapon effects, 1 as the Flash spike from Hitting the ship does not count as the crippling damage has not been done yet but the spike for 3 damage happened after or 2 as the effects of Flash are in addition to all other effects which include the crippling.

Fleet Organization:
Does you Admiral have to be on the ship that cost the most points or the one with the most hull points or can you put the Admiral on any ship?

Groups: As it is written it appears all groups purchased from the fleet roster that are the same ship type (i.e. all San Francisco's) merge together on the table as one big group. So this means all San Francisco's need to maintain Group cohesion with each other as well as maintain normal Battlegroup cohesion. This means the example given on page 40 is an illegal Battlegroup as Line Groups can only have 3 groups while the example has 6 Toulon (requiring 2 merged groups) and two different cruisers. This also means you could have an 18 ship Taipei Battlegroup all in single Group for an extreme example.

When entering the board from off table do ships need to be strait forward or can they come in at an angle (so can I come on at 89 degrees from the edge and active scan)?

Military sector has 4 Hull in the rulebook. The quick reference sheet it has 6. Is the main rulebook correct?

Do Defence Weapons and Orbital Guns use normal shooting rules or are they limited to scan range only (currently nothing limits them to scan as written)? "Hawk mentioned to someone that they use scan only for their office games"

Are ground based weapons supposed to be unable to target ships in atmosphere? Based on the wording the must shoot at a level above and are considered in atmosphere meaning they can only target High and Low Orbit. "Dave has stated sectors are indeed in atmosphere."

For Other Scoring Methods, does it need to be specified in the mission to be in effect (that is Critical Locations, Surveying etc...)? "Must be specified in the mission scoring methods or it is not used." from Invasion 2017

When a scenario mentions Critical Locations in the scoring types does that mean the sector is already a Critical Location or does it need to be scanned first? If you don’t need to scan them is Surveying a Cluster simply a rule that has not been used yet or can you always scan Clusters for VPs even if they are already Critical Locations?

Do you control a cluster by controlling more sectors or more total value of sectors? Both are mentioned so one must be wrong.

How big are the space stations supposed to be in the scenarios?


Are Nickar supposed to be the only Corvette sized ship without Outlier? Are they also supposed to be the only Scourge ships without Scald on their CAW?

Should the Furnace Cannons on the two Scourge Battleships have the same stats or is the difference intentional (Daemon is 2+ on the Flash option vs 3+ on the Dragon Flash option)?


PHR fluff on the Ajax mentions that it can fire at 2 targets per broadside which it cannot do in the rules and the Leonidas/Agamemnon mention light and heavy caliber weapons when it in fact has light and medium.

PHR Medium Calibre weapons do not have the Calibre special rule, is that intentional?

How are the Leonidas/Agamemnon weapons supposed to be linked? Also we all know they should have one medium battery on the right side but that still needs a correction.

Is the Perseus supposed to be the only cruiser with G 1 and is the Theseus supposed to be PD 2 (less than a frigate)?

How does Low Level interact with Bombardment and the Medea? As written now the rules already allow weapons with Bombardment from Atmosphere making the Low Level rule redundant.

How far can a Voidgate chain? The rules now state that you have to be within 18” of a Mothership or within 18” of a Voidgate that is itself within 18” of a Mothership. It also states you may have more Gates in the chain. Does this mean that the limit of Voidgate deployment is 36” (baring a cross table example using more than one Mothership) or can the chain extend this to an infinite range as long as you have Void Gates?

Who gains the spike for deploying troops from a Shaltari mothership, the mothership or/and the Voidgate(s)? "Spikes for shaltari launching and void gates - The spike is applied to the mothership and not the void gates for launching ground assets" from the Hawk team at Invasion

What layer(s) can Voidgates deploy troops from and does it matter which layer the mothership is in?

Can Voidgates relocate Ground Assets from one Space Station to another? Also does their Charge Air effect Dropships/Bulk Landers that are landing on Space Stations? As it stands the Voidgates rules all relate to ground clusters and sectors not Space Stations. "Voidgates treat Space Stations in the same manner as clusters but must be in low orbit to drop gates on them" from Invasion 2017

Does the Charged Air and Gate deployment from Voidgates always function or will it turn off if special orders are given that would prevent shooting or any other similar effect? Using max thrust Voidgates can currently cover half the table with Charged Air by turn 2 and in theory could also be used to deploy Gates if the mothership is in range.

When do you declare you are using Shield Booster? Is it after dice are allocated or after the Passive Saves have already been rolled or something else?

Can a single ship be effected by multiple Shield Boosters per turn? For example a BTL laser targets the ship and one frigate boosts the shields. Next activation a mass driver shoots it from a different source, may a new frigate boost the targeted ship again?

The Glass Cloudfliers fluff mentions that they have no shields but their stat line has them. Was this an oversight or is the fluff just wrong?

How many PD bonus do Shaltari Fighters give? Page 214 has 5 and page 62 has 4.
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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostMon Nov 14, 2016 4:07 am

Wow. Thanks for compiling all of these, sir.

I have some questions/suggestions/corrections(?)/clarifications that I'd like to submit to you, but I need to do them when I'm on my computer, much too difficult to do on the iPad. Will probably get time to do it tomorrow at work...

Some of these I'm just baffled by. For example, 12, 13, 14 & 15 -- why are these even questions? Just seems like "lazy reading" on the part of those asking, but, whatever... :)
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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostMon Nov 14, 2016 4:47 am

No worries I await them eagerly! As for the lazy reading ones...well these are frequently asked questions, not super confusing rules situation questions. Ive seen these questions asked more than once through different sources so figure something isnt fully clear.
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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostMon Nov 14, 2016 7:37 pm

Clarification for question 9: Is really only the Scan value reduced by Debris Fields or the entire detection range?


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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostMon Nov 14, 2016 8:05 pm

BlackLegion wrote:Clarification for question 9: Is really only the Scan value reduced by Debris Fields or the entire detection range?

The detection range is based on scan + sig + spikes... surely a reduction in scan would automatically reduce the overall range?
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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostMon Nov 14, 2016 9:40 pm

Sure but would a 12" reduction reduce the detection range by 12" or by 6" if the attacking ship has a Scan of 6?
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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostWed Nov 16, 2016 8:32 pm

Just to add another, the shield booster for Shaltari, if I have the ship making saves in range of two boosters can it use both against seperate attacking groups?

As written you can't but that makes this unique for support ships.
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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostMon Nov 21, 2016 3:38 pm

Maninblue wrote:
BlackLegion wrote:Clarification for question 9: Is really only the Scan value reduced by Debris Fields or the entire detection range?

The detection range is based on scan + sig + spikes... surely a reduction in scan would automatically reduce the overall range?

The debris interferes with scanners etc (Scan) not how much interstellar noise/ heat you are making (Sig +Spike).

There may be stuff later that interferes with that but not atm except cloak.
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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostWed Nov 23, 2016 1:50 am

Small bump as I have added some more FAQ that have come up here and on facebook 8-)


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Re: Collected FAQ/Errata

PostThu Nov 24, 2016 8:11 pm

To Cry of the Wind: Concerning item 2 on your list.

[quote][/quote] 2. When do standard orders remove the spike? Page 42 has it removed at the beginning of the ships activation. It is written on page 43 that the spike is removed at the end of the ships activation. This would mean I can fire a bloom weapon during my activation and remove the resulting spike at the end of my activation.

It seems to me that Page 42 Removing Spikes refers to ships not using the Silent Run ship order. Meaning they remove a minor spike or reduce a major spike at the beginning of their activation.

Page 43 Silent Running ship order: ships on silent running would remove all spikes at the end of their activation and reduce their signature to zero. This applies only to ships using Silent Running.

The example used by the person asking the question is wrong as Silent Running does not allow firing of weapons as stated on Page 43.

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