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VG Teleport and Scoring and other queries

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VG Teleport and Scoring and other queries

PostWed May 03, 2017 5:50 pm

I'm a little confused by this. When scoring sectors and clusters do the ground assets teleported from another sector/cluster this turn count as being in the target sector? How about the origin sector? Or are they in transit the entire turn and at neither location? I guess the real question is when does scoring occur? At the end of the Round Up Phase (before the end of the turn) or at the end of turn (after Shaltari troops teleported this turn have "landed")?

Next, can you teleport engaged ground assets?

Last, I like the Experimental Rules nerf to Amethysts, does that make me a bad person :)?
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Re: VG Teleport and Scoring and other queries

PostWed May 03, 2017 6:14 pm

They dont count as being in the new sector until the end of the turn. They have been moved so they dont count for the previous sector either. Basically they count for nothing till next turn so no combat and no scoring anywhere.

Scoring happens as Step e) of Step 3 Roundup Phase per page 39. There is a step f) so clearly the end of the turn has not occured yet at that point so the teleporting troops will not score.

As for teleporting engaged troops. Well kindda grey actually now that I reread it. First paragraph talks about enhancing their movement which suggests they still need to be able to move. The rest of it is worded as if you can just do it with no restrictions but it could just be assuming you need to be allowed to move. It does still use the word move so my gut tells me you must be able to move to use Voidgates to teleport but Hawk is not great at using words the same way twice.

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