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Motherships and Orbital Layers

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Hawk Talon

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Re: Motherships and Orbital Layers

PostSat May 20, 2017 10:14 am

Bishop 5 wrote:p196

"When a Mothership is launching Gates, they are NOT deployed from the Mothership itself. Instead they are deployed from Voidgates."

So I would read that as it doesn't really matter which layer the Mothership is in, only the Voidgates as they are the ones actually doing the deploying.

By that logic you could argue that it does not need to be able to launch as it does not deploy the gates.

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Re: Motherships and Orbital Layers

PostSun May 21, 2017 4:26 am

Lorn wrote:By that logic you could argue that it does not need to be able to launch as it does not deploy the gates.

It's actually not like that at all, because the rules for gates and launch make it clear how launch works for motherships, and "launch" and "gates" are, for example, actual defined rules terms. "Troopship" is not a defined game term, it is a role description at best, and for the ships called "troopships" it's not the name that means they have to be in low orbit - it's the Bulk Lander launch asset, which must be dropped from low orbit or atmosphere. You are essentially saying that because the Emerald is described as performing a similar role as other faction troopships, it must be that it arbitrarily has to follow the restrictions set by the bulk landers those other races use, even though the Shaltari don't use them (and especially given that we KNOW the layer requirements of the things being launched don't apply to the mothership, since gates can only be deployed in atmo unless deployed on a space station but the mothership cannot ever enter the atmosphere layer).

Put simply, you are confusing the rules for "Launch", which governs the conditions under which ANYTHING can launch with the rules for "Bulk Landers", which specify only low orbit or atmosphere. "Launch" appears in the Emerald's rules, as does "Gates" (which we are told work like "dropships", another defined game term), but "Bulk Landers" does not. Regardless of how reasonable you might find it that Emeralds be limited to low orbit, that is not in the rules text in any way, unless there is something in the rules somewhere that says "in addition to the limitations posed by the launch assets themselves, "Troopships" have the added restriction that they may only ever "Launch" while in Low Orbit". Without that, the line "and they use the same rules for when they may launch." is only referring to the general launch asset rules (since there are no specific "troopship" launch rules).
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Re: Motherships and Orbital Layers

PostSun May 21, 2017 6:11 am

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