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Designing asymmetrical scenarios

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Designing asymmetrical scenarios

PostThu Jun 08, 2017 5:02 pm

I enjoy playing scenarios where there is some inherent attacker/defender asymmetrical balance. But I know that getting the balancing right is tough.

There are some pretty easy ways to give the defender an advantage in DFC:
- station/cluster placement
- pre-landed ground troops with access to orbital guns/batteries.
- pre-deployment of some of the troops
- biased debris/LSO/etc placement

But, what I am struggling with is how to counter balance this for the attacker.
Giving the attacker more points is the simple answer, but it is kind of boring, and very subject to balance issues (although easy to tweak).
You can also alter the deployment type (say column vs batteline)
Any other ideas?

Has anyone designed any asymmetrical scenarios? How did they play out?

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Re: Designing asymmetrical scenarios

PostThu Jul 13, 2017 9:50 pm

Randomly scatter defender reinforcements, sabotage them (have a random chance of ships having to roll crippling damage as they arrive on table) nudge debris fields or try something like mine fields, alter scan range or have defenders randomly spike. Randomly shuffle their battlegroups or give the attacker the chance to alter their order in some way.
Give attackers decoy ships - appear to be cruisers but have statlines of frigates. Randomise orders given to battle groups, have a chance of ships misidentifying hostiles as friendly or friendlies as hostile, have all attackers logged as friendlies until actively scanned...
Almost no end to ways you can mess things up for one side or the other.

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