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First game!

Tell the world how you trashed your enemies on the battlefield, or how you tactically withdrew to fight another day!
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First game!

PostWed Feb 08, 2017 5:41 pm

I finally got my first game of Dropfleet in last night. It was great fun, 1k of Shaltari vs. 1k of my buddy's UCM. Of course, I got my face handed to me. The Shaltari are going to take a lot to learn, but I think I see my mistakes clearly: I was too aggressive with my onyx, not careful enough with my emeralds, and need to pay more attention to how the game is scored. The surprise MVP was the jet, so much so that I've decided to build a pair of turquoises. It looks like bombardment is really important to the ground game, and the fact that Shaltari bombardment weapons double as an incredible close action weapon is really great.

I'm already looking forward to my next game and considering some ways to rethink my list building, like putting my emeralds and my voidgates in different groups.

Also, the secondary MVP was definitely the cloudfliers, which I proxied. The glass is just a great corvette, and it looks like corvettes are also really important. I can't wait for the models to be released so I can buy a ton of them!

I also have some thoughts on where to expand my fleet next, but I'll take that over to the Shaltari forum...
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