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Custom Scenario: Dunkirk Massacre

Tell the world how you trashed your enemies on the battlefield, or how you tactically withdrew to fight another day!
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Custom Scenario: Dunkirk Massacre

PostWed Mar 01, 2017 8:20 am

Played this scenario a few times now, and used it as the final game in our tournament this past weekend. Always ends up being a really fun game, and more often than not the victory points are *extremely* close.


For this scenario, you'll need a bunch of little toy ships for each player (or something to represent them - but come on, of course you want little toy ships!). These are each player's "civillian vessels" that are attempting to flee the planet. I recommend these.

999 point fleets

Direct Deployment: Players roll off, low roll deploys first, alternate deploying battlegroups
All Battlegroups begin the game on the table, within the 4” deployment zone

Each player begins the game with 20 Civilian vessels. These enter turn 1, spaced fairly evenly across the board edge, and move 9” straight towards the opposite table edge at the beginning of each turn (just before the card flip). They are at Low Orbit until they cross the center line of the board, at which point they are at High Orbit.

Civilian vessel: 1 Hull Point, 3+ Armor, no point defense, and a magical ability to pass through debris unharmed

Each small cluster has 2 Military Installations

Score 1 point per destroyed enemy civilian vessel; Clusters (2 points each); and Kill Points per the following chart:



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