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DFLIst Scourge Ship Errors

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DFLIst Scourge Ship Errors

PostTue Jun 06, 2017 8:11 am

In a recent tournament, my opponent kept saying the the Occulus Beams on certain ships has the Arc of F/S. Showing my opponent the stats in the book, we found that the Occulus Beams stats in DFLIst are incorrect as only the Occulus Beam ARRAY has a facing of F/S.

The following ships have their Occulus Beams with the incorrect Arc of F/S and the correct Arc is just F.
Sphinx (p.143)
Wyvern (p.144)
Ifrit (p.145)
Hydra (p.146)
Strix (p.149)
Yokai (p.149)

Can you please change them to the correct stats.

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