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Collective Story from 2014

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Re: Collective Story from 2014

PostTue Aug 15, 2017 6:35 pm

I found this. We never did give it a proper ending.

Greetings Battle Vizier Darius, Please confirm your clearance.
+++++++++++Voice print confirmed+++++++++++
+++++++++++Clearance level: Delta+++++++++++
Information update.
UCM air armada has cleared Scourge defense lines. UCM lead fighter wings took heavy casualties.
Intercepted transmission suggests that the fleet admiral’s daughter is amongst them.
He has order just his former ship, the battleship “Earth’s Vengeance” to support the UCM assault.

New mission
Fire the captured ODL at “Earth’s Vengeance” at 10.00hours 05seconds.
At 10.00hours 08 seconds create an explosion next to ODL.

Goal new mission
Our fleet detachment will fire stealth missile’s that will impact just after stated time. This combine fire will destroy the battleship. And force unplanned and emotional action on the UCM fleet admiral. The explosion next to the ODL will convince UCM that the ODL was overloaded.

May the Sphere guide your actions.
=======================================Transmission end============================

January Winter screamed, as her stomach dropped and her falcon, ‘No regrets’, fell a hundred meters. This was what it was about, she thought, as she leveled off, ten meters off the ground, throttle wide open, and shot down the canyon formed by the ancient skyscrapers. “Raptor leader to Raptor 3, try and keep the channel clear for essential traffic.”

Self-consciously, she muttered back, “Sorry Ray-Gun, I got excited.” And muted her microphone. All concentration on her task, she finished her run, emerging into an overgrown park on the edge of the sea, and shot back into the sky. “Raptor 3, looks clear at the park for the drop.“

“Roger Toto, buzz the park a couple more times. Moses actual is headed in.” As she dipped down for another buzz at the park, she could see the division commander’s Condor start its approach to the seaside park. Most of the enemy was believed to be concentrated on the industrial section of the city, on the far outside edge of the city. This beautiful beach side had been left as natural as possible by the long-dead city planners.

Darius gave these new orders a couple of moments to sink in.
His squad was providing cover, directed by Angelica. She sensed his need for contemplation.
His orders left him with 33min and 20 seconds to form a plan and execute it, which aligned with his orders. And the scourge weren’t making it easy for him. At least they weren’t targeting the ODL directly. But they were sending in infantry to take back the ODL. And also the UCM had just reached the city. As he searched through Battlenet to find some way of creating the explosion, he came across the casualty lists of this force.
A Hyperion was not responding to communications, its pilot Mikal was presumed dead or unconscious. But the Hyperion’s power housing was still in working order.
“Angelica create a link with Walker H1475”. “Yes Darius”, came the gentle female reply of his AI.
As Angelica was creating the link up, Darius contacted a Neptune pilot, called Pheras.

#+“Pilot DN5A, to R1R. Over”++ ++“R1R, this is DN5A. Over”++ ++“DN5A, pick up Walker H1475, and keep it attached until I order you to drop it next to the ODL. Keep within 30 seconds flying time of ODL, but stay in our AA zone. Over”++ ++“R1R, DN5A copies. And is in route. Over”++ ++”DN5A, contact me if you get outside 40 seconds flying time. Over.”++ ++”Roger R1R. Over.”++ ++”Good luck DN5A. R1R Out.”+#
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