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Infiltration - A Reyna Hevn Story (Chapter 14)

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Infiltration - A Reyna Hevn Story (Chapter 14)

PostSun Apr 14, 2019 4:53 pm


The PHR Jason class destroyer Knarr nestled into orbit around Helen, a secondary planet of the Shangri-La system. The ship had swept in from the black like a barn owl gliding silently over a nocturnal field. However, the Knarr was not here to hunt, like the owl’s prey she was instead sheltering into a gloom shrouded hide to avoid detection.

Entering a debris field Captain Hevn directed the ship be parked under what was once a piece of a UCM battlecruiser hull. The maneuver took longer than she preferred but wanting to keep her signature low maneuver engines were used sparingly. The majority of the operation was accomplished with reaction mass thrusters normally employed for docking.

While the Jason class was technically a “blockade runner” her incredible speed combined with spectrum dampers made her a premier infiltration vessel. When rigged for silent running her signature rivalled that of a ship with Scourge cloaking technology. However, a tiny signature did not mean NO signature – and when alone deep behind Scourge lines minimizing detection was paramount.

War was naturally full of risk, veterans stayed alive by minimizing the capricious nature of chance. Hiding in the shadow of the shattered hull would make it difficult for the Knarr to be detected by sensors. This piece of wreckage was one among thousands comprising the debris field of a long-ago battle. Detection was thus virtually impossible barring an enemy vessel passing within optical distance.

Reyna’s orders were straight forward. Penetrate the system undetected to pick up a Z Section deep recon team. The team had been working with the local resistance ostensibly gathering information on the Scourge. That mission was secondary to the real one, recover an artifact of interest to The Sphere. Three weeks prior the recon team sent the code that the artifact was in their possession.

Reyna had been selected for the mission even though she had only been in command of this vessel for a few months. The Knarr was a solid ship with a good crew – a crew that was still watching the new captain. Being a former carrier captain Reyna still felt a little unease having no launch assets. However, the Jason class fit her personality of unorthodox thinking combined with the brashness of a former fighter pilot then any of the other destroyer classes.

Kimberly Ahage, Prime navigator, stated in a brisk tone through the Clip, “Maneuver completed Captain. The ship is now within 60 meters of the debris and within its sensor shadow.”

“Acknowledged Prime.” Quickly switching down one channel to her drone control chief she ordered the launch of a constellation of early warning drones. Equipped with both passive and active sensors they would form a protective “bubble” out to 500 kilometers from the Knarr. Set for passive scan the drones would provide enough warning to give Reyan sufficient time to formulate a plan – no matter what tripped the sensors.

“Roger – drones away!” Rikard Tergo, her chief, responded a few seconds later.

Pulling up the screen of local space she confirmed with satisfaction the cloud of drones slowly expanding from the center. Within fifteen minutes the constellation would be complete at which point the slip ship would be launched to the surface. With that thought Reyna Clipped to her chief engineer, Kristian Vassa.

“Chief, fifteen minutes to slip launch. Close the main drive dampener baffles and power down all non-essential systems.” Kristian did not reply, but the dimming of lights combined with the indicator of the baffles locking in place was their own form of acknowledgment. Now the Knarr had to wait until the ground team mission was completed.

Reyna then sat pensively, chin in hand, staring at a blank spot on the wall. The bridge crew noticed doing their best not to distract her from her unusual brooding posture. With a sigh she abruptly stood up, startling the crew who threw quick glances at each other.

“First – you have the bridge” she Clipped to her new first officer, Ritvik Preet. As she swept out the door he settled into the captain’s chair.


Reyna entered the launch bay – “hangar bay” she mentally corrected herself – walking swiftly over to the Natt Häxor or Night Witches, a unit of Valkyries. While the ground team was absorbed in mission prep working on their jump packs one of them noticed the captain swiftly approaching. A brief word and head nod in her direction caused the units commander to stride purposefully towards Reyna.

The two commanders ended up meeting in what almost seemed neutral territory. Away from the preparations for launch Reyna would feel comfortable in, yet also far from the familiarity of ground troop readiness. Each commander stopped facing each other with an odd stiffness to their postures.

The ground commander, a major, spoke first, “Captain” she said with extreme formality.

“Major” came the reply in a similar tone, “Everything ready for mission launch?”

“Yes, Captain. Final inspections prior to launch are almost complete.”

“Is there anything my crew or I can do for you?”

“No, Captain.”

An awkward silence followed, with the skin of both flushing a light, muted silver.

“If that is all Captain my team and I have less then 10 minutes until launch. I must take my leave”, the major said turning to head back to the staging area.

“Vreda, wait!” Reyna said urgently, reaching out to grab the major’s arm thus stopping her from leaving. “I did not know you would be the Knarr’s ground force detachment.”

“Would it have made a difference? I knew you were the captain, but duty to the PHR and the Sphere takes precedence over personal feelings.”

“No – I would have still taken the command. Once on board I thought… “

The major snorted, “Thought what? A little private time between us? Talk over old times? G out for a drink? No- I don’t think so. We remain professional while on duty, but my off time is mine alone. You do not figure in it.”

Two sets of eyes locked onto each other. One with barely contained fury, the other slightly sad but resigned.

Softly Reyna said, “I do not understand this anger. I followed the path that is my destiny, which is the cold brilliance of space - not earth and dirt.”

“No… we both know how you tested! That you cheated to lower your official score! You forsook what you could have been to pursue your own selfish wants!”, Vreda said ending with a hard finger stab in Reyna’s chest to drive the point home.

It was only then that both women realized the entire launch bay was looking at them. Some openly, others furtively, but all holding their breath to see what Reyna would do to this physical affront by a subordinate. Vreda drew herself up first, went to attention then saluted.

Her voice carried across the deck, “My apologies Captain – I should not have let my emotions override my actions. May I be dismissed to finish my team’s prep?”

“Apology accepted. You may carry on.” Reyna responded in a similar tone.

As the salute dropped Vreda leaned in for one final hushed dig, “You are a waste of resources, if I had half your potential, I could have made the Sirens. You… you would have been a Medusa in time. Like our mother!”

Spinning on her heel Vreda returned to her team. Reyna watched her sister recede across the deck before heading back to the bridge.


Major Vreda Hevn stomped back to her unit in a foul mood. Her inability to control her anger when stressed was part of the reason she was denied entry into the Siren Corp. This memory, along with her sisters infuriating ability to remain calm under any situation, only increased her misery to a white-hot fury.

Her team had watched her interaction with Reyna. They had served with her long enough to know the mood she would be in when she returned. As such the team was currently a model of efficiency as they concentrated on finishing up mission prep. No one glanced her way, so as to avoid being the conduit to vent her rage.

Vreda was a good officer who took care of her women, but all would say she could be – difficult. She demanded perfection from her team, but demanded double from herself. She led from the front never asking others to do what she would not step forward to do first. Her team were fiercely loyal to her yet were kept at arms length by her prickly personality.

“Status”, she said curtly upon entering the team area. The request was made verbally. Even with the ease of the Clip, Vreda found the cool, dispassionate undertones of the AI derived network did not adequately convey her personality. She opted to use the Clip as little as possible expecting others to do the same.

Her senior sergeant, Vanessa “Van” Scarda, replied while locking down an inspection port on Vreda’s jump pack. “All consumables checked, weapons checked, armor checked, and this is the last jumper inspection.”

Vreda bit back her annoyed retort for the unplanned meeting with her sister. Van has simply done what needed to be done while the commanders talked. Her doing the final checks on Vreda’s jumper was what a well-trained team did – help each other. It was not a personal slap at Vreda that her inspection was not finished.

“Thank you, Van.” She simply stated. The two touched forearms, fists clenched as they passed. A sign of respect amongst the warrior women of the PHR.

“Unit! Put it on and mount up!”, Vreda barked while twirling her finger above her head.

Every trooper backed into the stand holding their jump packs. Mating it with the hard points located on back of their armor they locked them in place. There was a pause as each trooper briefly ensured all mating checks were green.
With a grunt bother verbal and echoed in the Clip they detached the jump packs from the cradle, picked up their weapons and other gear before filing into the assault shuttle.

Vreda and Van worked opposite sides of the seating – checking each Valkrie one last time before verifying they were buckled in. Van then sat in her seat while Vreda inspected her before she herself sat to be buckled in by the shuttles crew chief.

Per custom Vreda sat next to the drop ramp. As leader she would be first out of the shuttle. Her senior sergeant was seated diagonally from her on the opposite side near the cockpit. This was for practicality -if Vreda was killed upon ramp drop a senior leader would still, in theory, be available to lead the mission.

The crew chief Clipped into Vreda’s mind requesting a go for launch. She replied affirmatively. Then after the slightest pause the shuttle lifted from the deck.


As Reyna settled back into the captain’s chair her First Clipped into the command channel.

“The ground team has just launched”

Reyna acknowledged the status update. Watching the blip of the shuttle thread its way through the debris she felt a brief pang of… guilt? Whispering to herself she intoned, “Go with The Sphere my little sister. Come back to us… to me.”

All characters and settings are copyright Michael Buonagurio. No use of any character or setting is authorized. All rights reserved ©2020.
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Re: Infiltration - A Reyna Hevn Story (Chapter 14)

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