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The beginning, a short story

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The beginning, a short story

PostThu Aug 04, 2016 5:45 pm

The De Soto translated back into the inky blackness of deep space, immediately her crew started relating reports back to captain Gideon.

"Jump drive 1 on recharging cycle. 2 and 3 fully charged."

"Passive sensors reporting no contacts within detection range."

"Astro navigation has us .78 light years off of intended translation point."

Not bad mused Morden, they had jumped over 80 light years, "my compliments to the navigation crew in their precision. Now let's see what is out there."

Over the next few hours, the De Soto scanned the local star clusters, unfolding large short wavelength telescopic instruments and sending out a swarm of satellite to produce a large radio wave array. They searched the nearby systems, improving upon the information provided by The Galileo and Huygens arrays back home.

Morden's XO approached, holding two cups of coffee from the galley, "I hate this part, the waiting."

"I know what you mean Ivanova, waiting for faint signals of habitable world's, getting our hopes up, chasing ghosts. The Enterprise found two on its latest tour."

"Anything good?"

"Liveable, high in minerals, but no paradise."

Ensign De'Trose approached, "sirs, sensors believe they have a candidate system, 6 light years away. The observatories back home have indicated a possible terrestrial world in the stars goldilocks zone and our sensors agree. 1.2g, possible oxygen atmosphere. We will need to be closer to be sure."

"Excellent news, relay my congratulations to the sensor team, recall the satellites and prepare to jump. Once all satellites are aboard and the sensors are stored I want us to investigate this find."

The De Soto spent the next few days slowly approaching the possible habitable world, without a fold space node to home in on they had to take it slowly, to avoid accidentally overshooting their target, or ending up inside a star.

When they got within 45 light minutes they stopped their approach and unfurled the sensors taking more detailed readings. Modern watched the first visual feeds come through from the sensors, as soon as he saw the image he activated the comma system, "All station heads, emergence conference meeting 5 minutes."


Morden looked around at his station heads, "we knew this would happen sooner or later, but I doubt any of us thought we would have the honour. First contact. We knew there had to be other races out there." He gestured to the display showing the planet, surrounded by thousands of ships, "So thoughts. I know we only have limited data, but give me suggestions."

"Initial passive scans indicate over 10 thousand ships, we can assume the same again in the planet's sensor shadow."

"What's their purpose people?"

"Probably not a merchant fleet, far to static. It must be a military fleet"

"I agree that it must be a military fleet, but is it a defensive or aggressive fleet? Are we looking at someone who will attack us, or even draw us into a war we are not prepared for?"

"Their position around the planet implies defensive, they are trying to cover the planet form all approaches, a fleet getting ready to attack would be in formation or in dock."

"Their is a third option, occupation fleet. Such a formation would ensure compliance of an occupied world."

"There is a fourth option", heads turned towards the head of sensors, "we are getting better imagery of the planet as time passes, building up composite imagery. It seems like several of the cities suffered nuclear strikes at some point in the past.."

"So it is an occupation then!"

"I don't think so, the strikes look old, also we are seeing large amounts of pollution in the atmosphere."

"So what do you think it is?" Morden asked

"Sir I think it is an ark fleet."

"You sure?"

"It makes sense sir. We haven't detected any ships around any other planets, despite possible mining operations. A space faring race would be mining every world. They are making lots of ships, but very few other orbital structures . They are not planning on staying. I think we have come across a load tech race, they entered the atomic age and almost wiped themselves out. They are now planning on taking as much if their race away as possible. This would explain the large number of ships."

Modern looked around at his senior staff, "ladies and gentlemen I think this decision is above all of our pay grades. We will translate out of the system, and drop a stealth beacon. Then return to port and bet the brass to decide what."

Morden's sentence was cut short as the whole ship shuddered and lurched, red warning lights came on and the sound of hull breach klaxons screamed loudly.

"One of the screens flickered to show the bridge crew, "sir we are under attack! Enemy cruiser 100km off starboard. Fold space drives have been hit. 1 and two are destroyed, three has reset. 10 minutes until it is online."

Modems thoughts were racing, who had attacked them? Why? How has they got so close?

"Evasive manoeuvres, show me the enemy."

The view screens flickered to show images form the external cameras. Morden saw a nightmare, an image of fear etched into the minds of sailors for centuries. A beast from the depths, a kraken. As he watched a red bud beam shot from its maw, the glare whitening out the cameras as the De Soto shook again.

"Sir main drive is gone, we are dead in space."

This was it thought Morden, the next shot will be the last and their crippled ship would be destroyed. But the shot never came, instead the enemy came closer and closer. He saw, through the flickering haze of static, a swarm of smaller ships leave the kraken like vessel.

"They are not going to destroy us, they are going to board us. Wipe the computer cores, they can't find out about Earth!"


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Re: The beginning, a short story

PostSat Aug 06, 2016 1:19 pm

Well writen. Nice option discusion!
If you compress it into 750 you could enter the writing comp!
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