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Custom Famous Commander: Amun the Heretic

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Custom Famous Commander: Amun the Heretic

PostTue Oct 11, 2016 5:31 pm

Here's custom made famous commander I created for my own use. It's an interesting twist on the Shaltari I wanted to get input from others on him.

Amun the Heretic: CV:4 PTS: 350

Vague reports coming in from the Shangri-La theater have alerted the UCM to the presence of what is estimated to be a Shaltari strike force working in the Region of the North Pole. The sightings are shadowy, and full of disappearing men, and vehicles that disappear before the eyes. A recent report from insertion team AM5-X, details how they were able to discover the reasons for these reports. Their findings show the work of a Shaltari Warchief, Dubbed Amun the Heretic, as the culprit for strikes against Scourge, PHR, UCM, and even notably other Shaltari forces. His motives are as of yet undiscovered, but from what's been seen, Amun uses extensive cloaking measures on a large majority of his vehicles. It is also apparent that Amun only use certain vehicles that fit his means. Again as of yet we are uncertain what they are. On another note, we have noted an interesting relationship between Amun and other Shaltari Tribes. Our previous findings showed that the Shaltari prefer to stride into battle and meet their enemies head on. Yet Amun seems to prefer striking from the shadows; hiding in plain sight, but also attacking from afar. The information we have gathered so far has shown that he is a dangerous foe, and we are allocating several more insertion teams to find out what we can about him.

Amun rides in the Eye that See's, a Jaguar Warstrider modified to his expectations. The Eye that See's gains a P4+ Passive Countermeasure, Mf 6”, and is equipped with Amun's Cloak and the unique Full Shadow Relay. It also exchanges it's Gauss Cannons for the following:

Weapons | E | Sh | Ac | R(f) | R(c) | Mf | Arc | Special
“Ra” Sun-Fire Laser |11 | 1 | 2+ | oo | oo | 4” | F/S(R) | Devastator - 3
“Ra” Sun-Fire Laser |11 | 1 | 2+ | oo | oo | 4” | F/S(L) | Devastator - 3

Special Rule: Full Shadow Relay -The Eye that See's is equipped with Amun's full shadow relay, which enhances his cloaked units near him. Any unit equipped with Amun's cloak, and within 9" of Amun's Warstrider adds E3 instead of E2 and Hull down counts if 40% of the vehicle is hidden.

Amun's Cloak: For 10 pts you can add Amun's Cloak to any unit. Amun's Cloak adds E2 to the unit (to a maximum of 6+) and Incursion - 18. As well, if a unit moves into Hull Down position without passing through an enemy unit's FOV then it cannot be attacked until It fires, or until an enemy unit comes within 6”

Heretics Following: As Amun is considered a heretic in his ideals, many Shaltari won't follow him. Players using Amun must play with 1 less battlegroup than the max allowed for the game.

Specific Tastes: Amun is quite specific with the batch of units he chooses for his missions, and as such he disdains the use of others. Ronin can be taken as support, and Samurai can be taken as standard. Warspires, Dreamsnares, Battlestriders, Thunderbirds, Firebirds, Havens, Gharials, and Leapords may not be taken.

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