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CKP's Legion of the Cross

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CKP's Legion of the Cross

PostMon Dec 17, 2012 7:01 pm

I'll be using this topic to post progress, finished products, and any new stuff I buy for my UCM army, and any terrain I make in relation to DZC. I'll also be doing background info on my army and any kind of army fluff I deem amusing. Whenever I post something new in this thread, I'll also update this first post.


Color Motif:
Greys, Whites, and Reds
Old History Organization Equivalent:
Knights of the Templar
Armoury of the Legion
Knight (Sabre Battle tank)
Crusader (Rapier AA tank)
Paladin (Gladius Heavy tank)
Chaplain (Scimitar Tank destroyer)
Squire (Wolverine Scout buggies)
Grandmaster (Kodiak ACV)
Cleric (Bear APC)
Cherubim (Falcon Gunship)
Archangel (Interceptors)
Seraphim (Strike Fighter)
Gabriel (Raven A & B Light Dropship)
Uriel (Condor Medium Dropship)
Metatron (Albatross Heavy Dropship)
Army Lists

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