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D-Dayz 2670+1, Dropzone 29-30/7-17 (Sandviken, Sweden)

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D-Dayz 2670+1, Dropzone 29-30/7-17 (Sandviken, Sweden)

PostMon Jun 26, 2017 8:05 am

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We need your force to take the lead in our advance. First, you will need to scout ahead to Survey and Control the enemy lines. With new intel you will be able to make a surgical strike and Take and Extract crucial objectives in this sector, but do not let the enemy get a foothold! To allow reinforcements to safely reach us we will need to capture the nearby defence complex. Our espionage reports that the enemy is planning an offensive there as well. A Bunker Assault is our only option! When the beachhead and supplylines are secure your force will act as the vanguard for the final mission. This final assault is the Crucible for the whole operation!

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Saturday the 29th of July until Sunday the 30th, at SFGs (SpelFöreningen Gillet) gaming den, Fredriksgatan 37 81133 Sandviken, the D-Day 2670+1 Tournament will start at 1 p.m. (1300) and play out during four rounds of battle, two during Saturday and two on Sunday. Open DzC and DfC games can be played as well as getting some hobby time. Feel free to use the accomodations of SFG including great painting space, a large spraying/drying room and the "Snickarbod" packed with materials for making scenic bases and terrain. The "Bar" will also be open serving cold drinks (non-alcoholics) and coffee along with snacks, icecream and frozen pizzas. Rations will be delivered during the event by local restaurants, to be ordered during the event with a selection of Indian, East-Asian, Middeleastern and of course local cuisine.

Cost for participation is 200kr (Swedish Crowns) or 100kr for members of SFG, exculding any feeding but coffee and fika.
We will play with 1500pts forces.
Your missions, if you choose to accept them, are:
Survey and Control, Take and Extract, Bunker Assault and Crucible.
Prizes from Hawk Wargames and perhaps others t.b.a

Friday 28/7
14:00 Hobby and game evening

Saturday 29/7
08:30 Onsite opening and check-in is open
13:00 Tournament begins with presentation and draw for opponents and tables
14:00 - First Mission: Survey and Control
17:30 - Second Mission: Take and Extract

Sunday 30/7
08:30 Onsite opening and serving of morning coffee
09:00 - Third Mission: Bunker Assault
12:30 - Final Mission: Crucible
16:00 - Prizes and Conclusion

Hopefully we should have more than enought time and might be able to get to the conclusion of the tournament slightly earlier. Please join the FB groups SFG - Spelföreningen Gillet for more information and inspiration! Feel free to contact me via PM on the forum or as Zac Coste on Facebook.

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