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[DZC] Medway Reconquest (Kent, UK)

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Marc Hobden

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[DZC] Medway Reconquest (Kent, UK)

PostFri Mar 10, 2017 1:36 pm

Hi Folks

I would like to let you know that on 8th April 2017 there will be a 1 day 1500pt Tournament taking place in Rainham, Kent.

Tickets are £10 each.

Max Participants : 12

The venue: Wargamers Den, 140 High Street, Rainham, Kent, ME8 8AR

Prize support is being supplied by Hawk and Wargamers Den.

To book your place please message Wargamers Den via Facebook to arrange payment.

Full details can be found here:


Hawk Talon

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Re: [DZC] Medway Reconquest (Kent, UK)

PostMon Apr 03, 2017 1:43 pm

Autumn invasion 2015 5th 3269kp
Tilgate tactical 3rd 2744kp
Costal assult 2016 1st
Critical engagement 2016 2nd
Coastal assault 2016 2nd 2187kp
Warfare 2016 2nd 4637kp

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