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Greetings from Aalborg, Denmark

Introduce yourselves here!
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Greetings from Aalborg, Denmark

PostSun Sep 10, 2017 8:15 pm

Hi All,

So I've been mostly lurking on the forum but thought I might want to be a bit more active and hence would like to introduce myself.

I got into Dropfleet on Essen Spiel and when I got back to Denmark and got into the rules properly, I got really hooked. I love the submarine feel, the alternate activation mechanic, the rules about signatures and scan and that it is objective driven rather than "kill the other guys". The setting is awesome too and I considered bying Dropzone books just to get more background material. I feel Dropfleet is a game with quite a lot of depth even with rather simple rules.

We are a rather strong gaming-network in Aalborg, but with a lot of activity, so getting a new game into the scene can be hard. However, me and a friend decided to go heavily into dropfleet and we are now finally starting regular gaming in our local club with around 6 active players and a lot of interested people who will most likely join is before the year is over, when they can see that there is regular gaming and a nice atmosphere around the game.

I have a lot of thoughts, ideas, tools and - mostly - analysis of this lovely game and I decided to make a blog to get these out of my system - and hopefully inspire or help other people. My blog can be found at I post there twice a week - mondays and thursdays and have done so since mid-july. You can also subscribe to email notification if you want to make sure you don't miss out. I write mostly to organize my own thoughts, but having people value - or at least, comment - your thoughts and ideas is of course always encouraging.

I hope to get some community running in Denmark but first and foremost focusing on Aalborg and we'll see where that get us. Since I acknowledge that Denmark is a small country, I might also be interested in going abroad for a tournament - Germany, Netherlands and Sweden are all readily accessible by car. I would also like to run a tournament in Aalborg - we have excellent facilities - but I think we need to build up local support to have critical mass before we do that - maybe next year. - My blog with analysis, tactics and thoughts about dropfleet. Updates weekly, mostly on Mondays.

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