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Shaltari AA

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Shaltari AA

PostWed Mar 08, 2017 7:49 am

So I've been playing around with AA for my Shaltari force and wanted to get some of the communities thoughts.

Kukri - a trio of these can pump out a decent volume of shots, but they will struggle to take out the medium dropships of PHR or resistance. Their big advantage to me is mobility, they can properly once dropped get out and hunt enemy dropships.

Birdeater - whilst more durable than the kukri, and with lower damage output, a pair of these is great to hold an area (and as Shaltari you should get their first right?) but with short range and fewer shots, and as walkers, they won't be chasing dropships.

Yari - small and fast with a tiny gun. I can see them as great for hunting light dropships, but I see them as a use of spare points rather than primary AA

Jaguar - the combo of AA and AT I think is useful to allow them to hold focal points/critical locations - 2 and a dream snare can probably go to location A and hold it relatively well all game. Once again though they won't be hunting dropships

Panther - area denial, with good positioning it'll force your opponent to move differently, a great tool. Also great vs medium and heavy dropships, less good vs gunships.

Warspear - has the flakiness of all fast movers, but can hit rear areas, also E7 is nice. Might not drop a larger dropships but their presence can change how people deploy/play.

So the rambling is making me think about the balance in a list. I think having something static and defensive to hold an area is needed, panther, jaguar, bird eater; something is also needed to go hunting yari, kukri, warspear. And probably one to do a bit of both - the kukri/jaguar????? What do you all think?


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Re: Shaltari AA

PostWed Mar 08, 2017 9:19 am

In DZC as a rule of thump having E one above the enemy Armour doubles the damage against multi DP targets. So the effect is quite noticeable.

For your question it is important that your AA fits in your army and to identify what you want to do with your AA. Deter enemy Gunships/FM? You need less AA with good volume of fire. If you want to kill those A6 flyers E7+ helps. If you want to kill all the flyers you will need a lot of AA possibly to the detriment of the rest of the force.

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Re: Shaltari AA

PostThu Apr 06, 2017 5:00 pm

Having faced Shaltari a number of times with both my UCM and Scourge I personally find the Birdeaters and Panther very annoying to deal with.

The rest of them do damage yes but are overall easier for me to avoid or deal with. A pair of Birdeaters is much more resilient than a Kukri squad and that building climb ability does a lot to make up for their less mobility. Panther is again very tough to remove easily and you cannot ignore it.

Of course the rest of your list will make a difference but those are my brief thoughts on the AA that bothers me most.

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