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1500 Point Shaltari List advice

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:39 pm
by dagerg
Hi all,

Enjoying getting back into Dropzone of late and looking forward to Las Vegas Open. I'm not a competitive player by any means but I do want to have a good time with a reasonable list. I've played many 1000 point battles of late with the local group and thinking that its time to start getting reps in at 1500 points. I came up with this list and it seems pretty decent. I've got everything on this list painted but the Pungari, which shouldn't be an issue getting painted before end of January. I wouldn't consider myself very good at list building for DZC yet, so I'm looking for some advice on stuff that I'm doing that is suboptimal.

Standard Army
Clash: 1499/1500 points
Standard Army
Standard Roster [1499/1500 pts]
Gate Group [276 pts]
Eden Gates: 3x Eden [150 pts]
Spirit Gates: 2x Spirit [86 pts]
Haven: Haven [20 pts]
Haven: Haven [20 pts]
Court of Elders [205 pts]
Coyote: Coyote(Warchief) [205 pts]
Swordpoint [110 pts]
Tarantula Squad: 2x Tarantula [110 pts]
Warrior Clan [275 pts]
Braves: 2x Braves [70 pts]
Braves: 2x Braves [70 pts]
Kukri Squad: 3x Kukri [135 pts]
Warrior Clan [218 pts]
Pungari: 4x Pungari Auxiliaries [84 pts]
Pungari: 4x Pungari Auxiliaries [84 pts]
Totem: Totem [50 pts]
Warfist [220 pts]
Caiman Squad: Caiman [110 pts]
Caiman Squad: Caiman [110 pts]
Warfist [195 pts]
Jaguar Squad: Jaguar [110 pts]
Dreamsnare: Dreamsnare [85 pts]

So my thinking is that the Commander, Jaguar, and Dreamsnare all come on with Edens. Caimans drive on. Tarantulas and Kukris come on later with 2nd round in Edens or drive on first turn, depending on scenario. Braves come on first turn with Spirits, Pungari (never used them before) come on later from Edens / Havens.

I'm looking at this list and wondering if I have enough gates. Between the Jaguar and 3 Kukris it feels like I have enough AA but also maybe light? Am I thinking about this logically? I wonder if I drop the Dreamsnare and try to bolster gates and AA.

Would love other opinions, thanks for looking!

Re: 1500 Point Shaltari List advice

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:08 am
by Stompzilla
Can't fault it. You've got it all in about the right amounts and all the unit choices are good.

My only suggestion would be to drop your CV by enough to get a 3rd Haven. In an ideal list I would always have some spare infantry teleporting capacity and that extra Haven let's you get away with some real tricky tricks!