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Thrown-Together Feral List

Rise from the crumbled wastelands and ruined cities. Defend your ground
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Thrown-Together Feral List

PostFri Mar 31, 2017 8:17 pm

Probably not the best list ever by a long shot, but I play exclusively casual. I was wondering what you guys thought of it.

Resistance 1.5K Feral
Clash: 1488/1500 points
Standard Army
  • Resistance Standard [1488/1500 pts]
    • Warlord's HQ [468 pts]
      • Thunderstorm: NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom(Commander, +Command Transport) [468 pts]
    • Vehicle Detachment [178 pts]
      • Gun Wagons: 3x Gun Wagon, NT-1 Kraken [113 pts]
      • Barrel Bomber: Barrel Bomber [65 pts]
    • Resistance Band [276 pts]
      • Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters, AT-77 Lifthawk, 3x MT-90 Jackson [148 pts]
      • ^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters [48 pts]
      • ^ Sharing ^ Veterans: 2x Occupation Veterans [80 pts]
    • Resistance Band [226 pts]
      • Veterans: 2x Occupation Veterans, NT-1 Kraken, 2x Battle Bus(+Heavy Machine Gun Battery) [178 pts]
      • ^ Sharing ^ Fighters: 2x Resistance Fighters [48 pts]
    • Rusted Fist [135 pts]
      • Hannibals: 2x M9 Hannibal, AT-77 Lifthawk [135 pts]
    • Rusted Fist [205 pts]
      • Zhukovs: 2x M20 Zhukov, AT-77 Lifthawk [205 pts]

The general theme behind this list was mixing both 'halves' of the Resistance unit selection, with lots of 'civilian' type units being supported by a few heavy-hitting tanks.

- The Thunderstorm group is to provide a powerful central threat on the board. Plus the hovercraft bonus makes it slightly harder to hit. Plus twelve E+1 technicals is no small deal.

- The Occupation Veterans are surprisingly good AT while the fighters search buildings or do anti-infantry as needed. I learnt this the hard way fighting Scourge Warriors.

- This list has a lot of infantry in it. :?

- Barrel Bomber is in the list just because. :)

- Resistance Tanks can take a damn hit for their cost. I've seen it before, several times. Plus they can put out respectable firepower. Zhukovs are also amazing AA.

- The combination of technicals and tanks could work well. You either have to focus on killing those pesky E+1 technicals and let the tanks rain fire, or aim at the far more durable tanks and risk the technicals running riot through your lines, since they can close the distance pretty fast.

- One weakness could be E5/6/7 weapons killing the technicals leaving other high-energy weapons for the tanks. But who takes mid-energy weapons anyway? :lol:
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